If You’re a Tech Enthusiast, You Should Look Out For The Following 12 Web Development Trends in 2022


Nowadays, no business can flourish without an online footprint. With the pandemic hastening the digital revolution, an essential thing to be noticed in an innumerable horde of names is a unique and attractive website to advertise a product to the audience.

Some might strive to increase the traffic of their webpage by incorporating huge clunky ads and enormous banners, which ultimately makes the website look clunky as it overwhelms the audience.

This article lists 12 web development trends to look out for and capitalize on whether you are a normal business or a web development company looking to provide your clients a premium, modern experience.

Single Page Application (SPA)

One of the hottest and most popular web development trends, the single page application or SPA, is popular among businesses, consumers, and web development services alike.

Unlike conventional web pages, as the name suggests, a SPA contains only a single page that initially loads the page's text, followed by dynamic multimedia (if any).

A SPA uses HTML5 and AJAX, which maintains operability as it can send and receive data without interfering with the web page's behavior and display.

The newer HTML5 also supports an increased range of interoperability and support for a broader range of multimedia in its markup, which further adds to the design of the webpage.

There is even offline support, which, coupled with easy navigation, a quick page load, and a reduced bounce rate, make a surefire profit and simplify user navigation.

Benchmarks suggest that SPAs can boost the conversion rate up to 37%, enabling various businesses and web development services to reach their target audience.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Perfect For a Web Development Company

One of the more unique innovations, the PWA combines the benefits of a mobile application and a dedicated website into one.

It has also emerged as one of the most popular and preferred options for web development services and consumers in 2021.

A PWA basically is an online application in the form of a web page which can be installed after you visit it. If you are visiting from google chrome, once you visit the site, click on the three dots on the page's top-right corner and select the option 'install' to save the page in the form of a regular android or ios app.

For example, you can visit the website https://pamp.rocks/ where you would find a plethora of PWA applications available.

There are many benefits of PWA applications, some of which are :

  • It is cost-effective and time-effective, as the developer only has to maintain the website without having to bear the costs of publishing a separate, dedicated app.
  • For the user, it is beneficial, too, as there is now no compulsion to spend data over periodical updates. The developer locally maintains the website.

According to Statista, in 2021, 9% of e-commerce organizations invested in PWAs, with 8% saying that they already have PWA applications. This number is bound to grow in 2022 as mobile data traffic and 5g is on the rise.

Dark Mode UI

Probably among the most popular implementations of web design, the dark mode UI has steadily gained ground and is being widely used in multimedia apps like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and websites like Reddit.

It has been revealed in an online survey conducted by Android Authority that 81.9% of users prefer to use dark mode rather than light mode, and another 9% prefer to switch between light and dark mode periodically.

There are several reasons why users prefer the dark mode; some of them are :

  • Comfort To The Eyes: As the majority of data traffic occurs between the hours 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM, a large number of people prefer to use their phones or other tech devices during the night, and the dark mode UI provides comfort to their eyes, allowing comfortable usage.
  • Power-Efficient: The dark mode UI is also incredibly power-efficient, especially in mobile devices with Super-AMOLED or AMOLED screens, as the individual pixels in an AMOLED screen are entirely turned off to portray perfect black in dark mode UI.
  • Reduced blue-light Emission: The dark mode also severely cuts down on the blue light emission, which lowers the strain on the eyes.

Samsung has incorporated a native dark mode in their one UI, automatically converting recognized websites to their dark mode version. If you are a web development company in India, customizing your website to enable dark mode would do wonders for your business.

Voice Search or Voice Recognition

In this age of convenience, if you incorporate AI voice recognition or voice search into your website, it would attain a new premium quality in the eyes of your clients. If you are a web development agency in a highly competitive digital market, customer convenience is a top priority.

Among the most simple yet effective ways to grab attention is to incorporate voice synthesis and voice recognition into your web design. Therefore, the Web Speech API emerges as a clear winner and is used by tech giants such as google, apple, Samsung, and amazon to enhance user experience.

As with any parameters, the voice search must be optimized according to the latest SEO trends and technology to have the edge over the competition. A perfect example of seamless interaction between voice functions and search intent can be found in Netflix servers which uses AI machine learning to optimize search results tailored to each user.

AI-Powered Chatbots

In 2022 and beyond, the use of AI-powered chatbots will definitely be on the rise. AI-powered chatbots are incredibly convenient for any business as they promptly answer any queries or FAQs the user might have about any product and ensure a good user experience.

All major web development services would look to enhance their clients' experience by providing a smooth digital experience. Major websites such as Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp have already included this technology, and many more will soon follow.

AI-powered chatbots can also be made to work in tandem with the voice recognition API, which would provide a unique user-AI communion.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Like PWAs, accelerated mobile pages are indeed one of the main contenders for user responsiveness as they function on the tenets of minimalism. It is made to be optimized for mobile screens and has a simplistic design with only basic features instead of full-scale web design operations.

Even with the digital revolution sweeping India, not all have access to unlimited fast 4g or 5g internet. For those consumers, accelerated mobile pages or AMPs become the most beneficial web page form. It dramatically reduces load time and saves a large amount of data in the process.

From the corporate point of view, the AMP plugin, like PWAs, helps businesses cut down on maintenance costs and reach their target user interaction. Therefore, if you are a web development company in India, you would surely not want to miss out on this pocket-friendly (in all senses) trend.

Serverless Architecture

The serverless architecture employs the use of cloud services to transfer snippets of data from the website to the user. The ping or data packet loss entailed from such an operation is 0.

This would be highly beneficial to both users and companies as it would significantly cut down on load time and data packet loss and would cost less on data recovery services.

According to a 2017 survey from Statista, 24% of surveyed companies claimed that downtimes due to data packet loss cost them between Rs 2.26 crore and Rs 3.01 crore. In most cases, these downtimes' situations might have arisen from a seemingly simple issue that escalated into significant setbacks due to high latency issues and delays.

Therefore, serverless architecture emerges as a safe and fast alternative to traditional web designs. Major serverless computing service providers are Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. So it is better for a web development company to include this technology for enhanced output.

Motion UI

As many companies are now focused on attaining user traffic, an attractive web design allowing the user a sense of seamless interaction with the content will inevitably have the edge over their competitors. That is where the use of Motion UI, popularised by the introduction of the SASS library technology, would come into play.

Motion UI is all about making the user experience focus razor-sharp and precise by making use of CSS shifts and custom animation integration enabled by standalone libraries. As a result, developers and web development services would not have to deal with extra costs associated with user interaction mechanisms.

The SASS is highly responsive to use and is flexible with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Its compatibility with PHP is up for debate.

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Adding Horizontal Scrolling

Much like a slide system, content can be categorically arranged as horizontal slides to be viewed in a compact and mobile-friendly manner.

With the advent of mobile phones and increased data traffic from mobile devices, clients would look for a web development agency that would provide a webpage optimized for mobile web browsers.

As every website cannot fit appropriately on a mobile screen, horizontal scrolling might serve to compact the size of the website to almost bite-sized renditions for use.

Besides horizontal scrolling, web development services might also use SPA technology to present the content in a single page supporting continuous vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling.

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the instrumental tech developments that web development services should keep in mind is that IoT is made for heavy users with no data constraints. IoT technology is the one to look out for as it is the most future-ready.

The IoT technology makes all connected devices available for use simply via mobile phones, enabling the user to enjoy a personalized connected ecosystem.

Web development services could make use of IoT to make an advanced communication between website layouts and user-friendly functional models. The main benefits of IoT are:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Functionality

Surveys show that IoT technology would exponentially grow by 2030 to cover the majority of the web development space.

Mobile-First Development

As has been established in this article, mobile devices have now been gathering increasing data traffic, which seems to be exponentially growing by the day. As per Statista, 57% of global data traffic in webpage views in August 2021 came from mobile devices.

For that reason, a competent web development agency must develop content tailored to mobile screens and mobile web browsers.

Coupled with horizontal scrolling functions and AMPs, mobile-first web development is the trend to look out for in 2022.

Blockchain Technology

Since the advent of cryptocurrency in 2004, there are now over 80 million blockchain wallet users as of 2022. These users value safety and security above all and therefore would make no compromises in website design

Keeping this in mind, an aware web development company would want to incorporate secure hardware and software support, along with a sound e-trading infrastructure for safe online transactions and crypto-trading.

There is unlimited potential for a peer-to-peer web design, especially if you are a web development company in India, as it would revolutionize online transactions, making it available for a large number of people.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind the ever-changing scenario of online business models and trends, nothing is set in stone. The path forward is merely mapped out here. How these trends play out would depend on the relationship between a reputable web development company, its clients, and the target userbase.

Using these trends to expect fluctuations in business models can be highly beneficial for developers to achieve their target business models and goals, as the digital and internet revolution is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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