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Browser extensions are nifty services that alter the user-browser interaction for the better. Browser extensions are faster, secure, and have high overall functionality, and they are written with the help of web technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. Some other browsers are actually plugins to improve the functionality of the web and are developed using machine codes and APIs. Browser extensions are immensely user-friendly, cost-effective, effortlessly customizable, and improve website navigation's overall quality. Since the UI/UX score mostly depends on the performance of the website and its ease of use, including content access, navigation, flexibility, etc., thus custom browser extensions are gaining mass popularity.

At Cloudifyapps, our clients get the most world-class browser extension services at the most cost-effective pricing. We have many talented programmers and software developers whose forte is building flexible and feature-rich browser extensions. We put every bit of perseverance into building a compact and creative browser extension that manages enormous quantities of data and complex transactions while not compromising on performance. Hence, our browser extension development services leverage state-of-the-art technologies and promise the most quality stuff.

Backend Development Services

Chrome Extension

With our immense knowledge in Chrome extension development, we also leverage our expertise in the latest technologies like PHP, Linux, jQuery, etc., and execute seamless third-party API integration. We can solve the most complicated tasks and provide solutions to these problems in a final, comprehensive Chrome extension development service. Our holistic technological skills and offerings enable us to build excellent browser plugin solutions and extensions for our clients. Our highly efficient and intuitive Chrome extension development is coupled with user-friendly UI/UX to guarantee maximum client satisfaction. Our Chrome extension development services include-

  • LinkedIn Chrome extension
  • Facebook Chrome extension
  • Instagram Chrome extension
  • Twitter Chrome extension
  • eBay Chrome extension
  • Gmail Chrome extension
  • Youtube Chrome extension
  • Screenshot extension

Backend Development Services

Firefox Extension

  • Firefox

Firefox extension refers to the modifications done on the Mozilla Firefox browser, and some of these extensions access user data. The developer and programmer team at Cloudifyapps makes use of their technological prowess to leverage the power of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Linux, CSS, jQuery, etc., to execute the most disruptive Firefox extension development services. Every browser, including Firefox, encounters glitches and limitations that create mobile and web-based IT solutions. With our immersive and innovative Firefox browser extension development, we help overcome these glitches, enable businesses to increase their outreach, and amplify their functional prowess. Our dedicated team of developers is also well-versed in web browser plugin development. We have generated a massive interest amongst our clientele with our innovative web browser plugin development that portrays never-seen-before functionalities and enhances browser operations. We provide the following services for every extension, including Mozilla Firefox.

  • Toolbar development
  • Sidebar development
  • Content injection
  • DOM manipulation
  • API requests
  • Local storage
  • New Tabs- page overwrite
  • Feature addition on Firefox
  • Firefox UI modification

Our development team always packs a punch when it comes to Firefox extension services, including-

  • LinkedIn Firefox extension
  • eBay Firefox extension
  • Gmail Firefox extension
  • Instagram Firefox extension
  • Twitter Firefox extension
  • Facebook Firefox extension
  • Youtube Firefox extension

Backend Development Services

Edge Extension

  • Edge

Microsoft Edge has been coming up as a consistently functional browser and is encountering massive growth in its business prospects and user base. The recent Chromium underpinnings have led the Microsoft Edge to become a comprehensive browsing solution with a set of unique features and the ability to provide a bespoke user experience. Cloudifyapps has carved out its place in the web development market with extensive knowledge of the latest trends and technologies and proficiency in completing development projects with an unmatched finesse. Hence, Cloudifyapps could be your ideal partner in Microsoft Edge extension and plugin development requirements. We offer the following Edge development services-

  • Gmail Microsoft Edge extension
  • Twitter Microsoft Edge extension
  • Facebook Microsoft Edge extension
  • Youtube Microsoft Edge extension
  • Instagram Microsoft Edge extension
  • LinkedIn Microsoft Edge extension
  • Customized Microsoft Edge extension development

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