Fintech Software Development Services

Enhance your functions as a financial institution by leveraging our Fintech solutions and translating your unorganized ideas into reality.
As a leading financial software development company, we enable financial institutions to bring in modernized digital transformation-driven operations in their business. With our fintech software solutions, financial institutions can enjoy secure and instant transactions to provide an omnichannel customer experience across products and services.

Our cloud-based FinTech solutions will optimize every customer touchpoint across all channels to deliver operational efficiency. From conversational AI to Cloud to Blockchain, we use the latest technologies to allow financial institutions to respond to the rapidly changing business scenario.

Our Fintech Software Solutions

Custom Banking Software

Our FinTech software solutions are designed to address the growing needs of the industry. We develop financial platforms with API-first functionality to bring control and adaptability to financial institutions. This will enable them to not only adopt new products but also seamlessly manage regulatory demands.

Mobile Banking Software

Our mobile banking solutions will enable banks and other financial institutions to provide their customers with internet access 24/7 with higher performance, unparalleled UX (user experience), and flexibility.

Payments & Billing Solutions

At Cloudifyapps, we build interactive, intuitive, and intelligent bill payment solutions to enable customers of banks and other financial institutions to view and pay bills easily. We rely on analysis and deep insights into the latest trends to develop a large, optimized electronic bill delivery network.

Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending Software

Our cutting-edge alternative FinTech solutions such as crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer lending, online platform-based business lending, marketplace lending, and invoice trading will allow banking and other financial companies to extend loans to different beneficiaries.

Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

We offer world-class, intelligent compliance and risk management solutions to enable banking and other fintech companies to assess compliance risks intelligently. Our Compliance and Risk Management Solutions will enable you to restrict external sharing of any sensitive data, respond effectively to regulatory requirements, and manage all potential insider risks.

Investment Portfolio Management Software

Our team of experienced software developers will develop and implement specialized portfolio management solutions to enable financial companies to streamline day-to-day operations and optimize resource utilization. We also integrate our software with trade expense reduction algorithms and assets management modules.

Loan Management Software

Our unified loan platform will manage your entire loan operations. Our experts have developed a Loan Management Software with the aim of handling the complete loan life-cycle starting from loan origination to management and amount collections. We enable banks and financial institutions to scale rapidly while significantly reducing costs.

Trading Platform Software Development

Our software development experts can create tailor-made trading platform solutions for investment agencies, traders, trust funds, asset managers, banks, and financial intermediaries. Our proprietary platforms will provide you with –

  • Market monitoring
  • Real-time transaction processing and more

Blockchain Fintech Solutions

Our experts can develop and integrate blockchain fintech solutions to empower financial institutions to develop a next-gen digital decentralized economy. Our range of services includes crypto wallet development, DApp (Distributed Application Development), development of enterprise-grade blockchain applications, and more.

Fraud Detection Systems

We modernize banks and other fintech institutions with our Fraud Detection Systems. We enable banks and financial companies to reduce losses through early detection and help them fight against all types of financial crimes. We also help them innovate and empower them with proactive monitoring to effectively respond to criminal topologies. Our fraud detection systems will safeguard both resources and revenue.

ATM & Self-Service Banking Solutions

At Cloudifyapps, our experts also provide ATM software solutions that will effectively transform the banking experience of all end customers by enabling them to get better access to banking services via a self-service channel. Our ATM & Self-Service Banking Solutions will enable banks to provide future-proof banking services to their customers by automating deposit and dispensing transactions at the ATM.

Corporate Claims Management Solutions

Evaluate and manage claims cost-effectively and seamlessly with our unified claims management solutions. You can have all the necessary information at your fingertips and gain access to financial insights with a click.

  • Custom workflow routing
  • Claims Management and Correspondence
  • First notice of claims' loss maintenance
  • Claim chronology
  • Litigation & Subrogation
  • Audit History
  • Payments
  • Bespoke and Standard Reporting
  • Payable and Reconciliation
  • Integration with ISO, EDI, CMS, and others
  • Secure Document Management

Corporate Policy Management

Leave your policy management to us while you focus on the critical affairs of your business. We offer highly-productive, compliant, and automated fintech software solutions that will assist you in –

  • Bulk policy pricing
  • Lost Cost Tables
  • Custom Rating Engine
  • Payment Management
  • Audits Module
  • Agency and Direct Billing
  • Underwriting Staff Renewals
  • Jurisdiction
  • Vendor Management
  • Compliance with governance laws

Customer Finance Solutions

Our customer finance system will empower you with a lending system that integrates various loan departments through custom workflows. This will result in reduced discrepancies, enhanced customer experience, and seamless communication. We will also improve your turnaround tone through our simplified approval process and centralized document management.

  • Online loan request
  • Online loan pricing
  • Document verification
  • Loan level accounting
  • Online loan application
  • Approval Process
  • Digital signature
  • Automated Assessment
  • PreClosing
  • Loan Details
  • Conditions
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Closing
  • Lown Extension
  • Underwriting
  • Customer CRM
  • Notifications
  • Bank Account Validation
  • Credit Check
  • Strong User Security
  • Pipeline Details
  • Payment to Bank Account
  • Document Management
  • Automated EMI Deduction
  • Customer Referral

Forex Solutions

Our web-based fintech solutions will cater to your FOREX needs to ensure seamless money transfer, meet regulatory requirements, and eliminate business complexities. We integrate several third-party systems to improve your operational efficiency.

Online Forex Platform:
  • Spot & Forward Trade
  • Multi-terminal Live FX
  • Direct Debit via Credit Card, Bank Account
  • Traders' Accounts have advanced features
  • Trade History and Limits
  • Market Limits and Orders
  • Mass Payment Solutions
  • Traders Quote Management
  • Beneficiary Management
  • Security
  • Multi-Step Authentication
Currency Exchange POS:
  • FX Data Management
  • Rates Management
  • Central Database Management
  • Cash Register Transactions
  • Currency Exposure Management
  • Currency Exchange via Credit Card, Travellers Check, and Cash
  • Risk Management and Liquidity
  • Wholesaler Features
  • Secured Cash Register Synchronization
  • Privacy and Security of Personal Data
  • Regulatory Compliance

Pension Funds Solutions

At Cloudifyapps, our pension funds management solutions are aimed at providing maximum benefits to pension fund holders. Users will have seamless access to scheme-specific risk information, funding data, liabilities, and assets. With automated functionalities, real-time information, and bank account integration, users will be able to make the most of their pension funds.

  • Secured Employer and Employees account creation with mandatory details as prescribed by the government laws
  • Risk profile management, employee pension certificate, estimated profits, and investment fund details
  • Lien, pledge, and charge facility for employees wishing to take a loan against their pension
  • Custodian banks' back office support
  • Government laws compliance, public complaints, public inquiries module
  • Portfolio management of custodian bank's fund managers
  • Preserved Account management solutions for unaccounted money
  • Fund performance comparison with facilities for periodic investment switching
  • Integration of custodian bank account
  • Distribution of pension to employees each month

Our Differentiators as the Leading Financial Software Solutions Provider

As one of the leading software solutions companies, Cloudifyapps has a skilled team of experts specializing in multiple technologies. We are tapping into the power of technology and the digital world to create high-impact fintech software solutions. Our end-to-end customized fintech solutions are aimed at tackling technology issues faced by businesses and bringing automation to boost operational efficiency.

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