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Contemporary businesses are bringing the physical and virtual worlds together to improve the experiences of this era. Be it real-time data or the ever-evolving cutting-edge tools that are fueling this new-age business. Trust Cloudifyapps for the Internet of Things (IoT) Services you need to gather data and extract insight in order to evaluate the present business scenario. Our main motto is to help you take advantage of the value of technology to accomplish your business outcomes without interruption. Discover our IoT solutions, IoT services, and IoT technology to bring the digital revolution to your business. A preferred IoT solutions partner to some of the biggest brands across industries, we create exceptional experiences, optimize performance, and unleash possibilities by engineering awareness into smart vehicles, buildings, and products.

Digital transformation has helped businesses keep up with the times, and the internet of things is an essential part of digitalization. IoT consulting services provide capabilities for transforming the values, concepts, and development strategies of a business. Moreover, ignoring digital transformation may result in unfavorable circumstances. Besides, a company that fails to have IoT technology is likely to lag behind tech-savvy competitors. When operating at a large scale, there's no longer a one-size-fits-all solution to data storage. Internet of things (IoT) services begin to segment data and utilize data storage technology optimized for each segment. However, our team segments data into their buckets; i.e.,

Native Apps

Hot Storage

  • Android

With the hot storage database, the user faces the side of the IoT application. Also, the hot storage databases are optimized on dashboards or custom user interfaces. Now, most data generated by IoT devices include time-series data. What this means is that well-designed hot storage is optimized for performance. Moreover, data can be instantly queried and displayed on dashboards or custom user interfaces. Most data generated by IoT consulting services is time-series data. A well-designed hot storage database is also optimized for time-series collections like min, max, mean, standard deviation, etc.

Native Apps

Warm Storage

  • iOS

Warm storage databases are optimized for scale. Moreover, they can potentially store an indefinite amount of data. The main difference between warm and cold storage databases is the ability to query the data. These are also known as data lakes or data warehouses. Besides, it provides some kind of generic query support to explore the data. Here, businesses and companies generally don't get the powerful aggregations required for IoT data and usually don't receive the robust assemblies necessary for time series queries. One of the primary use cases for warning storage is to run offline analytics and AI/ML. These types of analytics can be conducted by employing data from hot storage as long as the quantity of data doesn't exceed data retention limits.

Cold Storage

Generally, cold storage is optimized for cost. Hot storage and warm storage are typically produced through databases. At the same time, cold storage is implemented as a cloud bucket or file storage but reduces the strength to quickly and easily query and examine the data. Here, the primary purpose of cold storage is to manage backups. Moreover, compliance requirements dictate the necessity of cold storage as data must be stored for a certain amount of time. Cold storage provides an economical alternative to meet these compliance requirements.

Stay Ahead In The Race

IoT services are exclusively applied in various domains, i.e., transportation, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. It equally facilitates and optimizes controlling the performance of multiple devices and makes predictive maintenance possible. Utilizing remote monitoring systems to detect minor malfunctions can result in breaches in electronic equipment work. IoT solutions can be used in monitoring product performances during the post-sale stage. One such example is that of Rolls Royce-equipped aircraft engines. The sensors here collect a wealth of data which sends them to the operational centers. With IoT services, it is absolutely convenient to store and analyze all the data in the cloud. At Cloudifyapps, we help you get the most advanced technology and make your business workability seamless. IoT technology assists in observing various types of business processes. A sufficient amount of data constitutes a base for practical decision-making. When your business embeds IoT sensors with employees, top management can get up-to-the-minute information on all business aspects. Here, all your data is stored and processed in the cloud. Besides, your managers in charge can now get access to data via mobile app from different types of devices. Having information at hand, they can swiftly monitor the ways changes affect the business flow and make a more intelligent decision as per the requirement. Moreover, data gathering and analysis uncover new prospects and opportunities for business growth.

Data Storage Architecture

Designing an application using an IoT platform dramatically reduces time to market. However, this must ensure the venue you choose is architectured to meet the scalability needs of the applications. At Cloudifyapps, we've been refining our hot storage database for several years with many data points. By segmenting data between hot, warm, and cold, we help you properly manage where one storage technique should end and another should begin.


It's not that IoT implementation is an easy task. There are cases where companies and businesses have to deal with unimaginable challenges. Here we mention a handful of issues that comes when working with IoT technology.

Security Issues

Recent research has shown how 65% of respondents from different parts of the world believe that Iot can cause security issues. Moreover, 77% of industrial organizations fear the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks. Many businesses care for the safety of their data and invest in security custom software solutions. At Cloudifyapps, we offer a robust security system that helps manage any type of challenges you come across.

Technical Restrictions

The problem of connectivity raises concerns. Moreover, connecting so many devices is one of the biggest challenges. Now, this may come with significant provocations in the current internet connection model. Unfortunately, the internet providers still rely on a centralized client-server model to connect various devices into a network. While such connection types cope with IoT, the number of connected devices is growing exponentially. The solution to such a connectivity problem is the application of cloud services. It has enough capacity to maintain millions of IoT connections.

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We utilize the latest advantages of IoT technology. Working with professionals helps organizations reduce operationally and device management costs up to 40%. The number of connected devices to the internet is growing year by year, and one cannot deny the internet of things (IoT) services. IoT specialists craft solutions that eliminate security issues and technical restrictions hindering digital transformation. But one specific thing: despite current impediments, IoT development keeps on infiltrating the lives of individuals, from the workplace to free-time activities. Moreover, stop falling behind and embrace the advantages of the technology trend to discover brand new business opportunities.

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