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DevOps has been one of the most disruptive innovations of this era that has been helping organizations streamline their operations better to accomplish their goals. Basically, DevOps helps organizations effortlessly simplify their development and operations teams and align them superfluously to reap several benefits. These include ensuring faster delivery, improving the code quality, as well as undertaking constant integration. You can infer that DevOps is the perfect blend of People, Processes, and Technologies to enable collaborative engineering practices, deliver quality software with improved features, provide ready-to-market solutions with fewer bugs, ensure superb production and deployment speeds, and thereby create positive user experiences.

DevOps not only helps you with cost savings and increasing ROI, but it is also one of the most positive disruptors that have a favorable implication over all your established processes, technology deployments, role definitions, governance models, and reward systems. Over the years, Cloudifyapps has made its name as a leading DevOps consulting and engineering service provider. With our talented bunch of programmers, developers, analysts, consultants, and tech experts, we have been offering DevOps as a premium offering that leverages cloud adoption, technological collaboration, automation, toolchain pipelines, monitoring, etc. With our state-of-the-art DevOps services, we help businesses achieve superb efficiency, production-ready software builds with a faster time-to-market and an overall better quality of solutions. Our experienced team renders rapid onboarding of applications. It has been made possible by ensuring a full-cycle delivery pipeline automation. Another factor is the facilitation of continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.

Backend Development Services

AWS Cloud

  • AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most preferred cloud-computing, hosting, and development solutions for enterprises, startups, and large corporations worldwide. The fact that it is immensely scalable and flexible makes it a popular choice across enterprise and developer communities. Cloudifyapps has been leveraging the power of the AWS cloud transformation and development solutions to create a robust environment. We have been helping build truly global and disruptive software solutions accessible through the AWS and the cloud ecosystem. Our end-to-end AWS consultations, developments, and solutions incorporate the following-

  • AWS computations
  • AWS consultancy services
  • AWS integrations
  • AWS for mobiles
  • AWS scalability

Backend Development Services

Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud

GCP or the Google Cloud Platform has been one of the most competent platforms that ensure top deployment, development, and consultancy services. Its popularity amongst enterprises is evident through the immense market share that it is commanding globally. Our GCP services include the following-

  • Google App Engine development that creates powerful mobile application-specific backend infrastructure that is scalable and extensible with a host of built-in functions.
  • Google Cloud Compute enables us to provide end-to-end, planned solution strategies for implementation that help them in resource management and upscaling. It also allows us to create scalable consumer-centric and enterprise-grade software solutions powered by Google’s native cloud compute engine.
  • Google Cloud Storage development enables us to plan, manage and deploy NoSQL and relational databases and data stores on the Google cloud storage platforms. Big data handling, superb caching technology, data retrieval during disasters, and creating robust database solutions are our forte.
  • Google Cloud Networking platforms are easy-to-use solutions that connect and efficiently utilize multiple virtual resources across different geographical locations and still ensure optimal performance.
  • Google Cloud Platform’s superb in-built performance management and monitoring features are used by our technological maestros to help organizations access present app performances and curate robust app strategies for the future.
  • Google Cloud Solution services are some of our most potent offerings whereby we plan and formulate application cloud strategy and scale its infrastructure while helping you at each step of your cloud initiatives.

Backend Development Services

Azure Cloud

  • Azure

Windows Azure has been one of the most preferred cloud solutions for businesses across the globe. The Microsoft corporation has leveraged the power of the Azure platform and made strategic tie-ups with other global software enterprises to further the power of this robust cloud service. While the Windows Azure management portal enables you to launch fast, powerful, feature-loaded, and visually pleasing websites within minutes, it also enables the development of smart and comprehensive web applications. The Azure virtual machines allow users to launch a Windows server or a Linux OS while operating the cloud. Apart from this, the Azure Redis Cache has been a significant development in the world of in-memory, key-value data stores that leverage superior caching technologies and session storage systems. The Azure Redis Cache, built on the open-source, BSD-3 licensed Redis server, has been one of the most voted NoSQL database systems in the last few years. Apart from all these upsides, Cloudifyapps enables you to implement Windows Azure and scale on-demand resources to amplify your business. Our tech experts use the flexibility of Windows Azure to build applications using a variety of languages like Node.Js, Python, PHP, ASP,, etc. We offer various prominent services via Windows Azure, including, but not limited to-

  • Data management services
  • Website development
  • Media services
  • Business analytics services
  • Site recovery and retrieval services
  • Mobile services
  • Cloud services
  • Application development services
  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Virtual machines

Backend Development Services


  • jenkins

One of the latest continuous integration (CI) systems, Jenkins is a tool that runs in every modern servlet container, namely Tomcat or Jboss, while possessing its own minimal container named Winstone. Programmed in Java, Jenkins eliminates the need to install any additional web container if it is not present from the start. Besides supporting a whole suite of build tools, Jenkins smoothly integrates into version control systems like Git. At Cloudifyapps, our developers and experienced tech gurus leverage the modular structure of Jenkins and amplify its range of functions. We can also help you with custom plugin development for integrating version control systems and additional build tools. Apart from using already configured build tools to translate any new code that gets checked into the repository, Jenkins can also perform various actions on these new codes.

Backend Development Services

Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Integration

For every enterprise, startup, and SME dealing with a considerable amount of data, integration is always considered a hectic and menial procedure. But Cloudifyapps is committed to protecting your data integrity throughout the integration procedure- whether it is a real-time integration between multiple data sources or a one-time migration from a legacy system. Migration might comprise the transfer of data from legacy systems to more advanced ones or simply cloud migration. Whatever be the case, our team of experienced software professionals helps you in seamlessly and securely migrating enormous volumes of application data from one platform to the other. Our world-class mitigated migration and integration services include-

  • Migration assessment
  • Application porting
  • Application re-engineering to enhance business functionalities and operations
  • Technology integration and migration services
  • Data integration and migration services
  • Application upgradation services
  • Cloud migration and transition services

Backend Development Services

Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is a software engineering approach and has become an essential aspect of DevOps. It includes the necessary procedure of delivering the software or updates to production in smaller increments or short cycles. It ensures the software to be market-ready so that it can be released at any time. Cloudifyapps has carved out its niche as one of the top DevOps concerns with stellar consulting and implementation services. Our IT solutions and application support stand out when any enterprise partners with us. Our motive is to retain our place as one of the market’s leading DevOps consulting companies. Hence, we provide advanced continuous delivery capabilities that give a boost to efficiency and automation for organizations.

Backend Development Services


  • Docker

Built as an open-source project that facilitates the deployment of code within software containers, Docker has emerged as one of the most potent components of the DevOps ecosystem. The mass hysteria of digital transformation and digitization has led several software companies to fall behind. These companies often struggle to keep pace with the changing business, technological advancements, and customer requirements. Being a PaaS product that delivers software containers using OS-level virtualization, Docker has become an almost irreplaceable component of the DevOps ecosystem. If you are partnering with Cloudifyapps for DevOps consulting and implementation services, we will leverage the power of Docker to ensure the following upsides-

  • Cost savings and high ROI
  • Maintenance and compatibility
  • Rapid deployment
  • Faster configurations
  • Productivity and standardization
  • Constant testing and deployment
  • Seamless portability
  • Segregation, isolation, and security

Backend Development Services


  • kubernetes

Kubernetes has made its name as an open-source software container/package and orchestration system that seamlessly automates computer application deployment, scaling, and overall management. With ample experience in completing projects for reputed enterprises, Cloudifyapps has presented itself as a one-stop solution for building, managing, and deploying Kubernetes applications. Our pool of tech experts comprises smart professionals who are updated with the latest industry trends and ensure custom build configurations on any application framework. Our advanced Kubernetes management and deployment services include out-of-the-box offerings like-

  • YAML-free deployments
  • Log management services
  • Ingress rules
  • Persistent volume claims

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