API Development

API or Application Programming Interface refers to a set of standards, protocols, and tools that the programmer can leverage to integrate multiple solutions. APIs can enable seamless access to numerous applications and platforms. It helps applications interact with each other. In other words, APIs can be considered as the voice or the mode of communication between applications. APIs simplify programming, enhance the user experience by allowing them complete control over multiple applications and improve the functionalities of applications. Most of the advanced applications in use these days employ specialized and bespoke APIs since they have revolutionized the way data is used, opening up possibilities for novel business models and strategies for products. Since APIs allow flexibility in integrations and customization of existing products, developers find it easy to enrich and enhance services with utmost professionalism and creativity.

Cloudifyapps gives you an edge when it comes to API development services. We have a superbly talented team of programmers and software engineers who are always up-to-date with their craft. They use modern methods and cutting-edge technological solutions to process data using various programming languages. Thus, we have carved out our niche as one of the market leaders adept at dishing out high-performance, reliable, well-documented, and secure APIs that are easily consumable and cater to client requirements across various industries. Our API specialists have a vast reserve of knowledge regarding API development and integration services while being eternally committed to meeting the client requirements.

Backend Development Services


The microservice architectural style involves developing a single application as a suite of small components that can be seamlessly accessed through APIs. This unique architecture enables multiple microservices to be written in various programming languages and ensures management by multiple teams. Lumen is a microframework that is stunningly fast and a lightweight version of the full-stack Laravel framework. At Cloudifyapps, we have a disruptive team of professionals who employ Lumen to execute various development services successfully.

Since it uses Laravel syntax and components, Lumen can be easily upgraded to Laravel. While Laravel can perform a variety of operations, Lumen is a more stripped-down version of the same that is primarily employed for API development and microservices. You won’t get HTTP, cookies, sessions, templating, etc., in Lumen. Instead, you will find the essentials- logging, caching, routing, queuing, error handling, validation, etc. Though less configurable than the full-stack Laravel, Lumen offers maximum speed with a single bootstrapping file for APIs and microservices primarily interested in speed, and that is why our specialists consider it as an excellent trade-off. At Cloudifyapps, we use Lumen microservices for-

  • Web API development
  • API development for cloud computing
  • API consulting services
  • API integration services
  • Rebuilding or refactoring a legacy application
  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Adding functionalities to an existing application

Backend Development Services


  • expressJs

ExpressJS is a backend web application framework that has become massively popular due to its functionalities and rich source of features. At Cloudifyapps, we are committed to accelerate your business growth and enhance your enterprise productivity using the power of highly scalable, secure, and lightning-fast real-time applications. Along with a RESTful API and ExpressJS development, our specialists give rise to lightweight, real-time and interactive applications along with JavaScript-based backend and frontend systems. We leverage the power of ExpressJS to do the following-

  • Ecommerce solutions development
  • Enterprise applications development
  • CRM solutions development
  • Robust APIs and frameworks
  • API integration services
  • IoT applications development
  • Data streaming applications development

Backend Development Services

Python Flask

  • python
  • flask

Representational State Transfer or REST APIs can be created using multiple languages like Python, Java, C#, etc. The developers and programmers at Cloudifyapps are excellent at building RESTful APIs with the help of Python Flask. Since Flask is a lightweight, open-source, and feature-loaded micro web framework created by global Python aficionados, it is possible to leverage Flask and build concrete web and mobile applications as well. Flask stands out amongst others because it is lightweight, easy-to-deploy, highly secure, modular, open-source, Google applications engine compatible, flexible, supports cookies, has an extensible framework, and offers fast debugging. At Cloudifyapps, we leverage Python Flask to power Android and iOS applications while providing access to platform data via stable, secure, and well-documented API solutions. Our Python Flask services include-

  • Enterprise applications development
  • Custom Flask web applications development
  • Flask support and maintenance services
  • Flask migration services
  • Flask integration services
  • API development services

Backend Development Services

Serverless API Development

  • serverless

Serverless Architecture is undeniably the future of the software world. With its construction over next-generation public cloud services that have the power of automatic scalability and charge only when used, the Serverless Architecture is set to dominate the world of software creation, delivery and operation. At Cloudifyapps, we use the Serverless framework to simplify API development procedures radically. Since capacity-planning, scale and cost-management are automated with the Serverless framework, our developers churn out APIs, web applications, and custom software quickly built, maintained, and come with a smaller price tag than most of its industry brethren. Since Serverless architecture is an avant-garde technology, our team of developers and programmers are always up-to-date with the dynamic trends and know-how. Apart from offering the lowest operational costs and immense scalability, our Serverless APIs have an agile development methodology that always pleases the clients.

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