Agriculture Software Development Solutions

Custom software solutions for the modern-day agriculture industry with advanced technological capabilities for increased profits through flexible livestock, crop, and land management.

IT solutions for farming and agriculture are creatively filling the gaps between food grain processing, supply chain management, and farmers to improve profits. Moreover, with the increased adoption of precision farming, there has been an increased demand for custom solutions to meet the varying needs of the agriculture industry.

Cloudifyapps empowers agribusinesses with its agriculture software development solutions to curate innovative ways for farmers. Our agriculture software will help farmers to make data-driven decisions which will result in sustainable business growth and higher profitability. From remote IoT sensing to AI automation to mapping services, we can deliver custom software solutions to ensure better agricultural operations.

Our comprehensive and innovative agriculture software solutions help farmers to achieve total access, visibility, and control over their land, equipment, crops, and livestock. Our areas of expertise include –

  • Farm Management
  • Livestock Management
  • Aquaculture
  • Land Management
  • Precision Agriculture Software Solutions
  • Food Safety & Compliance
  • Agriculture Drone Software Development Solutions
  • Dispensary and Seed-to-Sale Software Solutions

Land Management Software Development

At Cloudifyapps, our software developers come with extensive industry experience, technological know-how, and first-hand knowledge of developing the best-in-class software solutions for agricultural operations.

3D Field Design Applications

Our developers can develop specialized 3D field design apps that can be effectively integrated with topography mapping software to provide you with better management and added visualization of all land areas.

Land Mapping & GPS Software

We can develop custom GPS and GIS technologies that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems to get accurate yield forecasting while optimizing your site-specific data mapping.

Smart Controllers and Sensors

We understand how environmental changes can impact your agricultural operations. We can enable you to implement smart controllers and sensors to screen changes in light, temperature, humidity, and other environmental patterns.

Precision Agriculture Management

We can enable you to maximize your operational performance by incorporating crop management & harvesting modules, prescriptive technology, and DSS (decision support systems).

Agronomy Software Solutions

Our agronomy software solutions include an extensive range of automation services under one umbrella, including –

  • Soil collection
  • Soil sampling
  • Subsurface drainage
  • Soil fertility
  • GIS mapping

Agriculture Farm Management Software Development

The software developers at Cloudifyapps can come up with highly scalable and flexible agriculture farm management development solutions to boost the scope of the agriculture industry.

Farm Equipment Servicing

With our GIS equipment software, you will be presented with mobile apps that will provide you with custom reporting and in-field inspections.

Crop Planning

We will bring automation to your irrigation, planting, and watering functions to ensure improved crop tending and planning.

Farm Accounting Software

Modern farmers need to use accounting systems to boost their operations. We can incorporate third-party accounting software with your existing business systems to seamlessly calculate cost-of-goods-sold and profit.

Labor Management Software

With our labor management and field operations software, you can track, report, and schedule the movement of your laborers in the field.

Agribusiness Software

With our CRM software, you can not only automate your marketing and lead conversion process but also get behavioral insights.

Mobile Farm Management

We understand that modern agriculture businesses heavily rely on technology. With our farm management apps, you can remotely access surveillance systems, data analytics, and other control systems.

Precision Agriculture Software Development Services

Our precision agriculture software is aimed at integrating smart farming technologies with your existing sensor and monitoring systems to provide you with added interoperability.

Agriculture Software Integrations

Our developers integrate data analytics, drone, soil mapping, and crop sensor through API communication to promote enhanced interoperability and insights.

Agriculture Monitoring Systems

Farmers can now visualize their crop impacts with our agricultural monitoring sensors and data analytics in real-time.

Agriculture Precision Farming Apps

Our developers modify and scale agriculture ERP application solutions and ensure end-to-end infrastructure design and engineering.

Agriculture Soil Sensors

Mour agriculture soil sensor software solutions can be customized to the needs of farmers. With these sensors, farmers can measure moisture levels, nutrients, humidity levels, temperatures, pH balances, and much more.

Livestock Management Software Development Solutions

To ease the operations and financial planning of livestock farmers, our developers have come up with livestock management solutions.

Livestock Inventory Software

With our automated livestock inventory software, farmers can get enhanced visibility and full control over their inventory. This will enable them to manage their wholesale and retail prices better.

Livestock Breeding Software

Our developers can come up with livestock dashboards for tracking genealogy & lineage, herd-wide propagation, and gestation statutes. We can also develop livestock auction portals having specialized user portals as per your needs.

Cattle Management Software

We develop cattle management applications that can automate planned grazing, forecast stocking rates, generate reports, and even compare results of pasture production.

Livestock Tracking Software

We can seamlessly integrate third-party GPS/GIS mapping interfaces and leverage EID, ear tag sensors, and RFID to track the location of your livestock starting from the ranch to delivery.

Feed Mill Automation

Our feed management software solutions will enable you to optimize the nutritional intake of your livestock and maintain VFD compliance.

Animal Husbandry Software

With our animal husbandry software, you can manage your selective livestock raising and breeding efforts. This software will also allow you to map soil nutrients, fertility, and fertilization levels.

Agriculture Drone Software

Cloudifyapps leverages world-class machine learning software tools to create tailor-made agriculture drone software. This will enable UAV drones to seamlessly spray fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides.

Agriculture Drone Analysis Technology

We combine built-in NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) indicators with drone software platforms to assess crop health.

Agricultural Drone Field Mapping

We integrate acoustic, optical, and ground-based electromagnetic sensors to build AG drone 3D mapping software solutions for farmers.

Aerial Crop Scouting Solutions

We develop aerial sensor technologies to facilitate aerial crop scouting, imaging, irrigation issues, crop infestation, and soil variance detection.

Smart Farming Solutions

We develop agricultural IoT devices and automated equipment through GPS mapping, RPA (robotic process automation), and cellular connectivity tools.

Agricultural Drone Development Platforms

Our drone platforms are programmed in a way that will facilitate the assessment of remote AG asset health through sensor network controls.

UAV Livestock Software

We integrate thermal recognition and GPS tagging with our livestock UAV software to boost remote monitoring of your livestock inventory.

Our Differentiators as the Leading Agriculture Software Development Company

At Cloudifyapps, we put our clients at the core of our software development process. We put together advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to deliver holistic and futuristic agriculture software development solutions. Moreover, we ensure compliance with the USDA, FDA, and other regulations to bring success to our software development progress. With our agriculture software development solutions, we strive to bring automation and analytics into the day-to-day operations to boost ROI.

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