Retail Software Development Solutions

You can use next-generation technology to streamline your inventory management operations to provide your customers with exceptional service while also reducing operational costs for yourself and your staff.

Competitiveness, challenge, and demand are at all-time highs in today's retail business. Markets range from high-end retail to low-end groceries. Customers' needs, the complexity of the supply chain, and government restrictions continue to rise as the retail and consumer products industries compete in an increasingly demanding market. Technology is continuously improving, and it has to keep up with people's ever-increasing need for speed to market.

Retailers must meet that expectation by providing distinctive shopping experiences, both in-store and online. Retail software development is a speciality of Cloudifyapps. We have a proven track record of serving businesses looking to boost their bottom lines by streamlining operations, streamlining logistics, speeding up distribution, and increasing sales margins.

We have experience in these areas:

  • Brick & Mortar Store
  • E-Commerce
  • C-Store & Grocery
  • Loyalty App
  • Dealerships
  • Shopping Cart

Brick & Mortar Store

With retail software, the specialists at Cloudifyapps specialise in deploying e-commerce capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and various other technologies to help brick-and-mortar companies of any size or industry reach their fullest potential.

Brick-and-Mortar Analytics

We develop data warehousing software and business intelligence (BI) tools and integrate them with systems for customer relationship management or CRM, sales tracking, and inventory management to enable bespoke reporting and loyalty programs.

Inventory Control System Development

Our experts use the most advanced RFID inventory control technology to monitor and manage raw materials, goods, and vendor/client buying so that inventory management systems can avoid shrinkage/loss, discover inefficiencies, and eliminate mistakes.

Omnichannel Development

With a focus on platform compatibility, we build native, mobile, and web apps that can be linked with omnichannel payment systems, chatbots, and AI virtual assistants.

Retail ERP Software Integration

Purchasing, orders, inventories, warehouses, accounting, various store locations, and franchises are all taken care of by integrating the ERP and MRP solutions.


The unique e-commerce systems developed by Cloudifyapps aim to boost online sales and long-term consumer engagement by providing a robust and 360-degree customer experience. When it comes to creating e-commerce functionality and digital experiences, we rely on our extensive knowledge in this field.


We develop and create e-commerce shopping carts and dedicated checkout systems that connect with major e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. We provide bespoke payment processing plug-ins besides PayPal, Fiserv, Authorize.Net, Amazon Payments, Skrill, and other popular payment processors.


When it comes to integrating important data across brick-and-mortar and mobile loyalty applications and e-commerce platforms to deliver vital insights across all three, Cloudifyapps is a certified partner with several top ERP providers like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and NetSuite.

Marketing Automation

We build customised marketing automation solutions using our engineers' strong working knowledge of chatbots, email marketing, and social media. We organise marketing materials, establish tools to streamline processes, provide reports regularly, and set off outreach activities and replies.

Delivery, Fulfilment & Shipping

Our fulfilment and shipping developers create custom shipping software solutions to automate and expedite order fulfilment and shipping processes. They are available for immediate download here. Cloudifyapps' experts build EDI software solutions that smoothly coordinate transactions throughout the fulfilment process and interact with FedEx, UPS, and the USPS.

C-Store & Grocery

Your daily retail and back-office activities will operate more efficiently with our grocery software solutions thanks to seamless automation, data integration, and more optimised accounting procedures. Our developers have years of expertise in the business and can help you bring your products to the market quickly.

Grocery Store POS System Integration

To automatically create Economic Order Quantities (EOQ), Cloudifyapps integrates grocery shop POS systems with inventory management platforms, providing real-time stock information.

Supermarket Billing Software

Farmers can now visualize their crop impacts with our agricultural monitoring sensors and data analytics in real-time.Programs that manage pre-paid cards and bill payments, money transfers, money orders, and check cashing are among the supermarket billing software modules we provide.

Convenience Store Software for Inventory

We make FEFO (first-expire-first-out) inventory allocation and deliveries possible through the development of delivery convenience store inventory modules that integrate seamlessly with websites and mobile applications. These modules include features for fleet management, vehicle tracking, Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD), and warehousing systems integration.

Grocery E-commerce Software

When it comes to bespoke e-commerce grocery solutions and grocery delivery app development, we provide everything from online ordering platforms to mobile shopping lists and automated replenishment capabilities incorporated into the delivery modules.

Loyalty App

We design robust systems that promote customer engagement, generate repeat purchases, and expand customer lifecycles with sophisticated and customisable features that allow organisations to manage and analyse customer data.

Custom Loyalty App Builders

We provide user-friendly solutions for developing reusable, bespoke loyalty programs that allow anybody inside an organisation to make modifications using custom fields for user information.

Custom Special Offer Programs

Customers are more likely to be gained and reactivated with the aid of our unique special offer program creation services. We work with other developers and our own staff to keep digital libraries updated with tested applications.

Loyalty Software Analysis

We can integrate our BI software into current company software so that firms can monitor and evaluate ongoing loyalty programmes. Our AI systems recognise client spending behaviours, disbursement times, and more, transforming the data into shareable reports that we can use to plan future rewards.

Loyalty App Design

Using our solutions, customers can keep track of their account activity using dashboards that show account balances, personal information, transactions, and more. Users can also choose whether to use geofencing, regulate email frequency, report errors, and perform verification tasks.


With our CRM services and car loan software development, our skilled programmers provide additional functionality and industry-specific development for greater customer service via the unique integration of dealership management systems.

Auto Loan Origination Software Solutions

From RouteOne and Nucleus, we provide bespoke auto loan origination software (LOS) that adheres to the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) by including powerful EFT channels, risk assessment engines, CMS tools, and credit bureau portal connections.

Car Dealer Management Services

Auto dealers can benefit from our software engineers' expertise in automating marketing, scheduling, and retrieving CARFAX data, as well as developing bespoke inventory software that is coupled with parts tracking and re-ordering capabilities automatically.

Dealer Management System Integration

Cloudifyapps designs Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to work with many other applications and systems. These include financial accounting, collections management, Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH), and F&I platforms.

Car Showroom Management Software

Car dealerships rely on our consumer monitoring and sensor-based hardware counting software, which we install. Our software developers provide various dealership-specific solutions, such as inventory management and multi-location accounting systems.

Shopping Cart

Our developers have extensive expertise in building, integrating, deploying, and designing shopping cart software for the retail business. Transform PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices into retail payment systems using UI/UX.

Custom Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

We integrate back-office and online portal access into shopping cart abandonment solutions. It is possible to set up a custom platform with role-based access to analytics and reporting to measure traffic and sales, and other data.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Design

An online retailer can display its brand identity throughout the conversion process with our e-commerce shopping cart designs. We make things easier for USPS, UPS, and FedEx's shipping APIs. Using payment gateway solutions integrated with your website, your customers can make online credit card payments using prominent payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and

Shopping Cart Migration Services

Cloudifyapps customises e-commerce cart adjustments and migrations. To give clients branded category management solutions and catalogue capabilities, we migrate platforms such as Shopify and Magento 2.0. Integrate one page/click checkout alternatives that enable multi-store, multi-site, and multiple vendor platforms to speed up the buying process.

Open Source Shopping Cart Integration

Custom shopping carts and open source POS system integration are two of our specialities. Our development team can migrate your shopping cart to OpenCart, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Pinnacle Cart, and 3dcart, just to name a few e-commerce platforms to which our development team can migrate.

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