Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

Companies in the media and entertainment sector need to be ready for new entrants, use partnerships to drive company expansion, and concentrate on customer demands if they want to succeed. They can build and deploy new business models, operations, and pricing structures.

Media and entertainment software solutions are causing a fundamental shift in today's business. The media and entertainment industries are two of the most rapidly expanding industries in the 21st century. People's tastes have changed because of the Internet's rapid expansion. Streaming video, social media, mobile devices, and other new broadcasting formats that have supplanted conventional media have altered how people consume entertainment and information, putting more power in the hands of the consumer.

Today's users require a wide variety of materials. This motivates companies to adapt to these new demands by changing their operations and business models. Media technologies and solutions must be adaptable to meet the ever-increasing needs of the consumer base if they are to keep up with the rapid expansion of content creation and distribution.

Our expertise cuts across these fields:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Rights Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Audience and Media Analytics
  • Digital Publishing Solutions
  • OTT Software Development
  • Cloud Solutions for Media
  • Rich Viewer Experience
  • Content Delivery Network Solutions
  • Custom Software for Media and Entertainment
  • Integration Services for Media and Entertainment
  • Custom Game Development Solutions

Audience and Media Analytics

Media organisations need to have a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of their audiences to provide relevant content and deliver distinct user experiences to their customers. Customer retention, increased revenue on marketing efforts, and more revenue from advertising campaigns are all made possible by the media analytics provided by Cloudifyapps.

Cloud Solutions for Media

Media and entertainment firms can rely on us to help them modernise their IT systems and migrate to the cloud. The ever-increasing amount of branded and user-generated content can be more efficiently acquired, stored, managed, and delivered by moving to the cloud. We use innovative networking and security techniques to ensure data security and confidentiality.

Content Delivery Network Solutions

Our tried-and-true frameworks for content delivery handle bandwidth usage limitations in resource-intensive applications to assure ongoing content delivery. We develop automated systems that dynamically recognise the user environment to reduce buffering time, minimise loading times, and increase speed. We use multi-factor authentication methods to ensure the safety of our materials.

Custom Game Development Solutions

If you're looking for a long-term partner in the development of video games, look no further. Complete game production assistance is provided by our in-house Unity and Unreal development teams and our team of talented designers and animators. Strategy, racing, combat, board games, sims, educational games, and arcade games are just a few of the many genres we've worked on over the years.

Custom Software for Media and Entertainment

Cloudifyapps helps media and entertainment organisations take advantage of expanding content distribution channels, reduced time-to-market, and current platform modernisation to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of consumers. We help companies migrate to the newest technology at a lower cost and assure timely content delivery across different distribution channels. We streamline media planning procedures, track customer behaviour, and create additional income streams through our solutions.

Digital Asset Management

Cloudifyapps includes intelligent automation for the maintenance of multimedia assets. We make integrating digital asset management with other departments' workflows easier with our innovative technologies. Artificial intelligence and automation powered by a cloud-first approach allow firms to build an organisation-wide network for system integration with workflow-driven procedures.

Digital Publishing Solutions

Cloudifyapps creates end-to-end solutions to assist media companies in the creation, distribution, management, and sale of digital interactive content. Publishers and businesses of all sizes may benefit from our solutions, which help them seamlessly migrate from print to digital. Our job is to handle all the technical parts of digital publishing, such as monetisation and content optimisation for all platforms.

Digital Rights Management Solutions

Media and entertainment firms may use our digital rights management services to stabilise their rights and metadata solutions, making it easier for all subsystems to access the rights data they need. The organisations that use our DRM solutions do so to gain insight into the demand for materials, monitor infringement and avert income leaks. We allow cross-system connections so that you can safely store sensitive financial data in the cloud.

Enterprise Content Management

Organisational information management relies heavily on enterprise content management, which links data to the people and systems who need it throughout the company. We build enterprise content management (ECM) solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the cloud and mobility for companies to assist them in expanding the reach of corporate information into previously impervious areas, such as distant field employees or extended vendor and contractor networks.

Integration Services for Media and Entertainment

If you're in the media or entertainment industry, we can help you combine your fragmented systems into a single, integrated platform so that all of your data is accessible from beginning to end, allowing you to make better decisions. We designed our media and entertainment integration solutions to help companies create a consistent and rich marketing strategy by moving their emphasis from functional customer management to proactive customer analytics.

OTT Software Development

There is no limit to the material that our OTT software can offer, whether it is long-form content like movies and TV series, live events like sporting events, or short-form (advertisements and features) content. Our systems support all types of VOD: advertising-based VOD, transactional VOD, and subscription-based VOD.

Rich Viewer Experience

Enabling media and entertainment organisations to digitally transform their whole content supply chain is one of our major strengths. We use a sophisticated digital infrastructure to follow the consumer experience and collect real-time data from various media touchpoints, such as social media. Our systems aid in the extraction of value from a wide range of data sources, including meta-data about the content being seen, demographics about the people who are seeing the ads, and social media activity.

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