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With changing market expectations and consumer behaviours, the food and beverage industry is rapidly changing its way of operations and portfolios. The way consumers eat has become more personalised and sophisticated. Moreover, the food and beverage industry is constantly faced with multiple challenges, including the perishability of products, meeting regulatory compliance, and the omnipresent fear of contamination.

Cloudifyapps offers comprehensive software development solutions that cater to the needs of the food and beverage industry by leveraging advanced technologies like IoT, machine learning, AI, blockchain, and others. We help food and beverage businesses to align themselves with profound market shifts.

Drive innovations and go bold to transform your food and beverage business with our custom software solutions. From ensuring consistent product quality to managing cost and achieving compliance, our software solutions are all that your business needs.

Software That Caters To Your Food And Beverage Business

Food Ordering Software

The Covid-19 pandemic has been causing the governments to bring temporary lockdowns. This resulted in a temporary shutdown of on-premise dining, which forced restaurants to shift to online food delivery. Our food delivery software solutions are ideal for restaurants operating under various business models ranging from quick-service restaurants to full-service restaurants with curbside food delivery facilities.

Our mobile food ordering app solutions come with features like real-time order tracking and driver routing to boost end customer experience for businesses.

Restaurant Management Software

Our custom restaurant management software solution will enable restaurants to increase revenue, reduce cost, and boost food quality by transforming their entire system-wide operations. We provide both cloud-based and on-premise software solutions based on modern architecture to help restaurants effectively manage accounting, inventory, budgeting, staffing, orders, loyalty, food costing, reservations, payment processing, and others.

Online Restaurant POS Systems

We develop intuitive, easy-to-use, flexible restaurant POS systems integrated with custom features for debit/credit card payments to empower restaurants with instant payment processing.

With our custom restaurant POS systems, businesses can increase sales by streamlining their operations and reducing costs. Our software developers can come up with POS systems that will bring versatility and flexibility across environments. These POS systems also come with a large variety of ancillary devices to ensure an exceptional end-user experience.

Food Traceability Software Solutions

We empower food and beverage businesses with start-to-finish food traceability through our innovative food traceability software solutions. Our traceability software solutions are powered by IoT (Internet of Things) to facilitate real-time inventory movement and transformation tracking, including issuing order alerts and maintaining inventory levels.

You will get end-to-end supply chain visibility with recall management modules to enable seamless crisis management and supply chain collaboration. Some of our food traceability software solutions include –

  • Food Track-and-Trace Software that comes with embedded sensors, state-of-the-art GPS tools, vendor system interfaces, EDI communication, and AIDC systems to effectively track products.
  • Food Traceability Applications that leverage mobile camera barcode-scanning abilities and SCM databases to deliver farm-to-fork sustainability practices.
  • Food Supplier Management Traceability software that integrates vendor/supplier databases with track-and-trace product maps to meet insurance guidelines and supplier regulatory compliance.

Online Grocery Store Development Systems

Our software developers bring innovation to the online grocery store functionality with our online store development solutions. Now online stores can manage their everyday back-office business processes seamlessly through data integration and automation. Our online grocery marketplace development will empower businesses to streamline grocery orders as well as delivery operations.

Our feature-rich software for online grocery store development will also provide your end-users with unparalleled satisfactory experiences. If you are a new entrant to the online marketplace, we can also boost your business efforts by ensuring a faster time-to-market.

Food and Beverage IoT Solutions

With our IoT solutions, food and beverage businesses can have greater influence over their manufacturing operations to provide high-quality food & beverages to their end consumers. Food and beverage businesses can enhance their operational efficiency while driving continuous improvements in food safety, recall management, product shelf-life management, and others via our connected devices.

Warehouse And Logistics Management Systems

Our warehouse and logistics management systems for food & beverage businesses are powered by our advanced technology and extensive experience. We have partnered with several food & beverage businesses of different sizes and modules to enable them to sustain seamless logistics operations.

With our rule-based WMS, food & beverage businesses can improve their inventory accuracy while gaining visibility across supply chain touchpoints. Some of our food & beverage inventory, warehouse, and logistics management software solutions include –

Here are a few areas in which Cloudifyapps excel with its software solutions:
  • Food Inventory and Warehouse Management software solutions that assist with document management such as bill of lading, certifications, and proof of vendor compliance.
  • Food Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Software solutions that are powered by Oracle WMS and SAP WMD to deliver invoice EDI solutions for packing lists, invoices, bills of lading, etc.
  • Food Waste Tracking Systems that implement waste tracking modules to eliminate loss arising out of warehouse slotting, poor food quality control, theft, spillover, overstock, shelf life expiration, and others.

Food & Beverage Cloud and ERP Software Systems

Our next-generation cloud-based food & beverage ERP solutions will enhance inventory management as well as tracking. With our ERP software, businesses can remain competitive and relevant in a fast-paced market by integrating, automating, and streamlining business operations.

Food & beverage businesses can now gain enterprise-wide visibility with our holistic system that effectively integrates Manufacturing Execution System with Enterprise Resource Planning.

Food Distribution & Delivery Management Software Systems

With our flexible and versatile food delivery & distribution management software systems, food and beverage distributors, as well as logistics operators, can mitigate risks and maximise operational efficiency.

Our end-to-end solutions will blend in with your modern-day food delivery and distribution needs by facilitating tracking and integrating data. Our intuitive dashboards and comprehensive analytics will allow you to improve your user experience.

Food & Beverage Quality Management Software

Our food & beverage quality management software solutions will enable you to leverage trigger-based automation to effectively monitor temperatures, acidity, and moisture. This will facilitate quality control throughout your company's food processing, manufacturing, and storing process. Some of our food & beverage quality management software solutions include –

  • Food Safety Compliance software solutions that will enable you to maintain HACCP, ISO, and HARPC standards along with GFSI compliance.
  • Food Sanitation & CIP systems that will automate clean-in-place procedures, including chemical & material inventories, analysis & reporting, SSOP checklists, and more.
  • Food Recall Software Solutions are fully integrated and automated to quickly alert members of potential foodborne contaminations and supply chain hazards as soon as they are detected.

Food & Beverage Service Management Systems

Our food & beverage service ordering software solutions are built to facilitate kitchen, catering, inventory, menu, food cost, report tracking, catering, and more.

We develop restaurant menu management software that is integrated with POS systems to provide rapid updates and restaurant listings. It also offers performance analysis for healthcare facilities, speciality restaurants, and schools.

Our experts can also provide you with food cost analysis software. These customisable applications will analyse food costs, automate replenishment orders, offer purchasing recommendations, and facilitate more savings by effectively tracking ingredients prices.

Give us a call or drop us a line on our website if you have any queries about our Food & Beverage Software Development solutions. We would love to hear from you and help you with your requirements.

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