SPA Applications

Single-page applications or SPA are those that are very similar in their structure as well as functionalities to desktop applications. The only difference is that they run on the web browser. Single-page applications are usually web applications with remote backend. Global giants like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, etc., have turned away from the traditional multi-page application model and leveraged the power of SPAs for the following benefits-
● Separation of concerns where the server-side uses RESTful APIs to communicate to the frontend while parallel development of these components continues without any dependency on each other.
● The frontend and the server-side have no dependency, and hence there is no latency in testing the frontend coding. Both unit/singular and integration testing can be done efficiently while the data requirements are mocked up.
● SPAs are easily scalable because the server-side application is constantly fine-tuned and optimized without the need to deploy the entire application over and over again.
● SPAs are the ideal applications for use in all forms of web and mobile applications because of their innovative and rapidly expanding set of tools and libraries.
● SPAs are immensely user-friendly and enable seamless navigation without any glitches.
● With superb backend operations, SPAs are the ideal way to create mobile applications from scratch.
● Low bandwidth can never be a problem. SPAs catch data seamlessly and offer offline accessibility.

At Cloudifyapps, we leverage advanced technologies and the prowess of our developers to create lightweight, user-friendly, easily navigable, fast, and responsive SPAs from heavy and large-scale web portals. With our extensive experience in developing SPA applications like CRM systems, data storage systems, project management systems, etc., we ensure to make them SEO-friendly so that search engines can index them successfully. Turn your multi-page sites into fast, responsive, and simple SPAs that skyrocket your sales.

Backend Development Services

Vue JS

It is one of the most preferred and popular JavaScript libraries to create fast, performant, and smart web applications, frontends, and SPAs. It is one of the go-to choices made by internationally renowned open-source developers and touted as the best JavaScript frameworks compared to Angular JS or React JS. The utterly small footprint and scale of the Vue JS enable it to be a micro JS library within an app to a full-fledged SPA framework. With our dedicated team of full-stack and frontend Vue JS developers, you will definitely get the following services, though it might just not be limited to them.

  • Vue JS web applications development
  • Vue JS component development
  • Vue JS support and maintenance
  • Interactive UI development with the help of Vue JS

Backend Development Services

Angular JS

  • angularJs

AngularJS is a client-side MVW JavaScript framework that enables you to write immersive web applications. It is basically a toolkit that ensures the extension of HTML vocabulary for your applications. MVW (Model-view-whatever) allows the user to have complete freedom over design patterns while developing applications. At Cloudifyapps, our developers are well-versed in the nuances and operations of AngularJS, thereby leveraging their know-how and skill-set to deliver scalable and affordable development solutions resulting in dynamic websites. We have provided AngularJS development services to national and international clients over the years, whether startups or large corporations. If you want to develop avant-garde SPAs, you might want to partner with us! The AngularJS development solutions range from-

  • AngularJS web applications development
  • AngularJS mobile applications development
  • angularJS support and maintenance
  • AngularJS SPA development
  • AngularJS interactive menu creation

Backend Development Services

React JS

  • reactJs

React.js has become a go-to library for the plethora of upsides it offers for competent developers around the world. Starting from one-way data flow enabling building solutions with a well-structured code to server-side rendering creating immersive web applications for search engines, the open-source React.JS is the ultimate piece that accelerates seamless development solutions. With our progressive development team and resources, we know how to take advantage of this intelligent software development technology. Reuse of existing components, creation of appealing UIs, and ensuring high-performance and scalability are some of the compelling features that make React.JS a one-stop solution for impeccable development needs. At Cloudifyapps, we use React.JS to develop lightweight, robust, scalable, secure, and custom web applications with SEO integration. We also deliver the following React.JS services-

  • Custom React.JS development
  • SPA development services
  • PWA development services
  • Dynamic web applications development
  • Migration to React
  • Frontend development

Backend Development Services


  • Quasar

Quasar is an MIT-licensed open-source framework that enables impeccable development solutions, including PWAs, SPAs, SSR, hybrid mobile applications, cross-platform desktop applications, browser extensions, etc. Apart from offering comprehensive platform support to build systems according to client requirements, Quasar also minimizes the need for additional libraries like HammerJS, Bootstrap, etc. At Cloudifyapps, our team is composed of the most talented Quasar framework developers who are well-versed in their trade. These developers have mastered the art of the full frontend development stack. They are progressively striving towards building the most innovative applications to deliver the best experience to the users. Our powerful applications leverage cutting-edge industry practices and technological know-how and promise enhanced digital experiences. At Cloudifyapps, we boast of a holistic suite of Quasar framework application development services that enable startups, SMEs, and even Fortune 500 companies to achieve their strategic business goals. The services include-

  • SPA development
  • PWA development
  • Native application development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Browser extensions

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