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Cloudifyapps help customers get a high-quality website at an affordable price. We follow a result-driven approach and help the business grow its online presence with absolute quality service. When competing online, your website needs to feature all the trends. On top of that, the site needs to have a crisp user experience. In order to have so, it needs to be well customized with added features. Here is a secret that you need to know before you venture into an online business "a good website need not have flashy interfaces; it needs to offer an excellent experience."

At Cloudifyapps, we are a team of professional website developers. We have the capability to design industry-leading sites. We hand over sites that are user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. You should know that an aptly designed website means you've already won half the battle. Our website provides the right approach at the right time. Get our experts onboard and bring healthy business growth in digital.

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  • html5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript

HTML and CSS3 are the essential building blocks of a website. The developers use appropriate coding when working on your page. Codes that have been precisely written helps to reference, enhance and manipulate elements on a web page. There are plenty of other codes when developing a website. However, HTML and CSS3 are pretty popular.

While a web page can be accomplished by only using HTML, CSS offers developers to do certain things like set page margins, overlap words, and better portion page elements. This may resemble a trivial modification, but it needs dedication and quality experience.

Backend Development Services

Mockup Design

  • Photoshop
  • XD
  • Illustrator

Cloudifyapps provides mockup design. Mid to high fidelity reflects the design choice for color schemes, layout, typography, and the overall atmosphere of the product. Our experts allow you to see the final products and services easily. The sole reason we focus on mockup design is its ability to reveal problems that aren't apparent on paper.

Also, it is much easier to take revision in mockup than in later coding stages. Depending on the type of method, you may want to go for it, i.e., developing after wireframing or postponing until after some lo-fi prototype testing, our team ensures absolute service.

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UI Prototyping

  • XD
  • Figma
  • Invission Studio

User interface prototyping is a technique that actively mockup the UI for the system. However, it comes with several purposes, i.e., analyze artifact, design artifact, explore, and more. While you determine the needs of the stakeholders, you might want to transform the actual interface prototypes. A UI prototype will often discover information better captured in other artifacts.

Meanwhile, you don't need to create a prototype for the entire system. Agile developers focus on evolutionary changes. At Cloudifyapps, we simplify the process and conveniently make things.

Backend Development Services


  • Photoshop
  • XD

Converting PSD to HTML helps you create beautiful sites. In fact, this is a standard design to code process, transforming a Photoshop Document into an HTML file. When you have a team of motivated developers and web designers, they'll help you work together for a great-looking and highly functional website.

PSD is a great way and provides a viable option for web design. Photoshop offers a great visual representation of your project and helps the client understand the design principle. It also creates a pixel-perfect design that accommodates the need for modern web design.

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