Banking and Financial Software Development

Digital maturity in the financial sector is running out of time as commercial titans upset the industry. Businesses can rely on our Fintech development services for a rapid rise in innovation and digital transformation.

The use of technology can aid a company's ability to stand out from its rivals. You must, however, be aware of the context in which the technology is to be used before implementing any kind of new technology. As a result, financial services software development needs a deep understanding of banking concepts, operations, instruments, and more.

Our developers, architects, and business analysts have extensive expertise in software engineering and understand how your industry works. For years, we've worked on a wide range of projects, including developing large data warehouses and other types of systems, such as those for core banking and mobile banking. Our staff is eager to put their skills to work on new banking software instances.

We can help you with these areas of banking and financial software development.

  • ACH & Check 21
  • ATM
  • Core Banking Systems

ACH & Check 21

Improve the security and processing of your payments. Besides ACH payment processing and Check 21 capabilities, Cloudifyapps customizes your Check 21 capabilities to seamlessly combine e-check and credit card processing functions with secure verification systems and increased user experience.

ACH e-Check Solutions

There are modules in our custom programming platforms that automate the ACH file generation, check verification, and transmissions to different banking institutions. All forms of electronic checks can now be accepted and processed by our applications and Remotely Created Check (RCC) pictures that can be used for deposits and presentment.

ACH Payment System Integration

As part of our ACH (Automated Clearing House) database creation coupled with CRM systems, we can save client information, accounts, routing numbers, and check images on the cloud or mobile devices. You can process one or many transactions using the web-based systems we can set up for point-of-sale devices, such as e-checks or credit cards.

Check 21 and Electronic Check Processing Services

RDM, Panini, Canon, Epson, and Burroughs are just a few MICR check scanner manufacturers that our programmers have worked with to provide Check 21 truncation solutions. We design proprietary check imaging systems that integrate with e-payment processing and third-party check scanners, readers, and credit card terminals (POS) to process and settle checks at the point of sale.

Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture Development

To correctly understand and evaluate CAR/LAR check data, we design bespoke Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms that you can integrate with ParaScript and A2iA software. We create Image Cash Letter files (ICL/x9.37) for remote deposit using our Parse MICR and OCR data software solutions. Secure FTP and server development for batch, single, or recurring Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) software is another thing we specialize in.


Financial institutions can rely on Cloudifyapps' ATM software engineers to configure and customize their current ATM software and design new ATM software from scratch. Thanks to unified, user-friendly technologies, a bank's ATM network may be easily and flexibly controlled from any location.

ATM Hardware Integration

With the help of Cloudifyapps' engineers, clients can have their ATMs customized to provide more personalized service. Card readers (MagTek, ID TECH, VeriFone, and Ingenico), card dispensers, and bill dispensers are among the hardware platforms we provide multi-vendor software (LG, Fujitsu). As a result, we design e-transactions and cloud solutions that adhere to banking regulatory standards.

ATM Management Solutions

To deliver branding, marketing papers, and goods, we provide multi-channel content management systems. A broad network of ATMs, kiosks and mobile devices provides individualized customer service depending on transaction location, time, and personal preferences, which improves the user experience of CORE banking.

ATM Monitoring Systems

Our engineers have developed enterprise-wide ATM management software to provide remote diagnosis and monitoring of ATMs. In addition, we provide tools for the automated distribution of security patches and system upgrades. We provide a wide range of options for monitoring and managing local and foreign ATM networks.

ATM Migration Solutions

Our software engineers, who ensure regulatory and security compliance, handle EMV conversions and integrations. Credit transfers, currency conversion, and billing statement requests and statements are just a few ways we enhance banking CRMs with business intelligence (BI) tools, fraud prevention, and other enhancements. Loan advances, branch migrations, smartphone top-ups, cardless ATM access, and more are all possible with our solutions.

Core Banking Systems

Using Cloudifyapps' CORE banking software, a bank's most typical transactions, such as loan origination and servicing, new account opening, and cash deposits and withdrawals, are all made simple. Besides making CRM operations more profitable, our CORE banking solutions also simplify calculating interest and monitoring client accounts.

CORE Banking Solutions

Our programmers automate all banking system processes by using multi-tier Java-based architectures and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). These platforms are compatible with current software and external networks. Our solutions contain completely integrated features with optional expandable modules and a comprehensive collection of tools, including loans and mortgages, payment balances, money transfers, and other financial activities.

CORE API Integration

We design and build safe API components for online, mobile, SMS banking, ATMs, and other distribution channels. Payment and transaction requests, sophisticated security verification, and information, including geolocation, comments, photos, and tags, are all available via our API adaptations. Interfaces are easy to use, with real-time processing, remote capture, and third-party API connectors.

Security and Compliance

Security audits and data breaches are all made easier because of the modular CORE banking solutions we create and develop to safeguard clients. ACI ReD Shield and minFraud are only two of the platforms we interface with. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements require that our systems include comprehensive identity and access control, client risk profiling, data encryption, and recovery capabilities.

CORE CRM Integrations

Performance dashboards, KPI tracking and workflow management tools are all integrated into our CRM program to automate reporting of the client's life cycle. Banks benefit from our CRM systems because they see an increase in revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction while also providing a more personalized experience for their customers.

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