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Empower the E-Learning management with high-tech education software development solutions to bring in more engagement, audience interactions, and high-level optimization in the system.
The COVID-19 breakout has brought in high demand for E-Learning facilities in the present day. E-Learning has always been a vital part of our education system, even before the pandemic. Several institutions and learning centres had already optimized their systems to certain extents for taking an active role in digital events. But ever since the world had witnessed the adverse waves of the pandemic, the education system and E-Learning modules went through several breakdowns. But fortunately, it is now possible to overcome every drawback and strengthen the E-Learning modules with custom-based software development solutions.

Cloudifyapps is one of the best platforms for developing E-Learning-based software solutions in today's world. Our high-tech software can empower the education system in various ways by providing digital assistance in all academic sectors. Students from high schools, universities, and colleges can gain knowledge and ultimately strengthen their backbones in academics and excel in all the fields with our E-Learning and education software development solutions.

Here are a few areas in which Cloudifyapps excel with its software solutions:
  • Learning Management systems
  • Content Authoring
  • Student Information Segments
  • Digital base training

Learning Management System Software Development Solutions

Manual management of academic fields can be pretty hectic due to the vast number of students. The chances of committing mistakes also become prevalent in such manual tasks. But you have got nothing to worry about regarding the E-Learning management sectors because Cloudifyapps’ education software development solutions have got you covered:

Tracking Progress In Education Segments

Our software-based solutions help your institute or academic centre keep track of the syllabuses covered, ongoing projects, and much more. Our digitalized software development solutions help you manage most of the work in educational segments where trade schools, business schools, or even primary schools are concerned.

Achieving Goals

E-Learning modified software development solutions can help your centre achieve the targeted goals in stipulated time without any rush. The peaceful ambience and highly optimized software system help you manage the entire project in a unified manner to reach the zenith of success.

LMS Software Development Solutions

If you are concerned regarding your institute’s future establishments in E-Learning segments, then Cloudifyapps is right here for help. Our development team is wisely efficient in delivering LMS developments, integrating the tasks, and forming proper establishments in the educational fields, starting from primary sections to the university programs.

  • Customize E-Learning Segments With Communication Interfaces Today's world stays more focused on the advancement of E-Learning. Our world has come across several developments in various fields, and thus, social learning plays a pivotal role in it. Our software development solutions can ensure web learning, video, and audio learning facilities, stream recording of the entire study sessions, and more.
  • Enjoyable Establishments When it comes to teaching the primary sections, you can easily take the help of our software development solutions to create a playful ambience in E-Learning sessions. Active environments enable students from various fields and age groups to learn complex things faster. Such ambiences also ensure that whatever they get to know stays with them forever in life.
  • Advanced Plugins And Extensions The E-Learning software development solutions ensure that you get access to the advanced plugins and extensions anyways. Our software modules help modify the educational ambience by providing tools for document authentications, storing necessary files, establishing course formats, etc.

E-Learning Mobile Application Software Development Solutions

The present world has come across various technological advancements in the E-Learning fields. In such modern days, everyone prefers E-Learning facilities which can be easily accessed through mobile software of Android and iOS. Our technologically advanced software development solutions ensure great accessibility to E-Learning projects in various ways. Keep an eye on the following points to understand better:

Better Control Of The E-Learning Task management

Our education software development solutions provide better task management facilities to the E-Learning centres without the involvement of systems or desktops. You can have everything sorted in a unified manner with the help of your cell phone now. From intelligent board management to tools segregation and E-platform management in terms of academics, etc., you can get help from Cloudifyapps.

E-Learning AR and VR Technology Software Development Solutions

The students we try to engage with are a part of the modern generation who aim to do excellent in fields of contemporary science and technology. Considering such circumstances, all the institutes and academic centres, schools, and colleges must bring in innovative VR and AR facilities systems.

AR and VR technologies help students learn faster than ever because they get to feel, touch, hear and see everything in their E-Learning syllabuses with VR technologies in third-dimensional figures. It helps these students to learn efficiently and remember everything throughout their life. You can quickly get help with such high-tech facilities of VR and AR software development services from us anytime you want.

E-Learning Cloud-Based Software Development Solutions

There are times when you teach something during the classes via E-Learning methods, and you observe those sessions to be quite crucial to the students. Our E-Learning software development solutions can help you gather those important session streams and recordings in the cloud-based segments for having easy access to those clips whenever necessary. You can also store various essential files and documents in cloud-based interfaces specially designed for enhancing E-Learning technologies in academic institutes.

E-Learning Role-Based Access Control Software Development Solutions

When handling the E-Learning centres, things can get messed up to some extent where you might not be able to figure out anything, any job role, or task manually. In such cases, our software development solutions can ease your work in the first place.

Managing Subscriptions

This is where you can get all the updates on the new admissions and new subscribers to your E-Learning platform. Our software development tools make it easier for you to have access to all the info in case of any sudden emergency where you would not have to go through a dirty manual list of data. Instead, you would get a nicely organized list of subscribers available in the software with all the necessary details!


Taking billing updates on every member of the E-Learning centre has become more accessible to all the E-Learning platforms for having a unified source of documents with amounts, dates, etc., organized in the right way, just like you want!

Providing Universal Reports

You also need to check the updates of your E-Learning platform members regularly. If you use our software development solutions, then you can get easy access to the daily work and progress in education of every student under you.

Scheduling Classes

The last but not the least function which you can opt for from our E-Learning and education software development solution is nothing but scheduling classes on the right time and date. You might face trouble in keeping track of the students' upcoming appointments, styles, and counselling sessions manually. But with our digitalized software development solutions, you can modify, upgrade or reschedule any class or arrangements you want.

Apart from the above points, you can also get help in digitalizing your E-Learning sessions with proper web training facilities. Keeping records and tracking updates on every inch of the students' information can be more accessible and possible with only software development solutions from Cloudifyapps!

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