Why Your Startup Business Needs Flutter-Based Mobile App Development?

Have you been thinking of introducing a mobile app to the market? Are you confused over the cross-platform network that it would require? There's nothing to worry about! Flutter could be the latest option for startups to roll out feature-rich mobile app development without spending tons.

Now, you must be thinking. How's that even possible? Wait, let us understand Flutter in detail and why it's the most preferred choice for cross-app development.

With more than 196 million apps in the iOS app store and 2.87 million apps in Google Play Store, app development is significant for all regions and market sizes. Likewise, the market is evolving equally faster with increased competition. Therefore, it is daunting for startups to thrive in such a highly competitive marketplace without a mobile app.

However, before we move any further, let us understand what Flutter precisely possesses.

Let’s Know a Bit About Flutter

Flutter is the UI toolkit of Google that helps build natively compiled apps for the web, desktop, and mobile from a single codebase. It is an open-source framework for app development. However, Flutter provides much faster growth across different operating systems.

The tagline "Build beautiful native apps in record time" is exactly what it offers. The interactive UI allows app developers to design the application as per the user's requirements. Besides, the software development kit (SDK) solution comes with everything necessary for seamless cross-platform app development.

The platform enables you to design robust, high-performing, and scalable mobile apps for all operating systems. It offers the best icons, typography, and scrolling too. Also, Flutter is based on the dart, the in-house language of Google. It is more comfortable for developers to study this language if they are accustomed to Java and JavaScript.

Most importantly, Flutter application development draws excellent community support with tutorial guidelines.

Cross-Platform Vs. Native App Development

The world is flooded with the ongoing digital experience and application. In fact, these are now a fundamental part of living. With the rising popularity of apps and the development of operating systems, there are two significant areas of concern.

● There are over 5.94 million app users globally, and launching an app within a limited budget won't be possible.

● A countless number of markets are rolling, and we want to set a foothold in this dynamic marketplace to make a difference.

Therefore, the only viable substitute here is to develop a cross-platform app and ensure the idea is innovative. Meanwhile, Flutter for application development is excellent in many ways, such as:

Technical Architecture

Technical architecture is definitely a deciding factor. For Flutter, Skia is the foundation. Skip offers everything you require for app development. In fact, you don't need any external bridge linking through the native components as it comprises everything within its framework.


The setup that Flutter offers is pretty friendly. With IDE-guided for both Android and iOS, the Flutter Doctor or CLI tool helps developers set up the environment for development services.

Development UI & API

Much richer libraries and components support native elements, including navigation, state management, testing, UI rendering components, and API access.

DevOps Support Once a cross-platform app gets released, it can be critical to maintaining it. Flutter offers CI/CD assistance collectively with CLI interface and documentation support.

Test Support

Flutter comes with comprehensive documentation for testing apps and widgets. Apart from that, there are other unique features.

Build Automation

Flutter is a platform that makes it easier to release the mobile application across the app store and play store. The CLI interface that you receive speeds up the procedure of removing the app efficiently.

Flutter stands second in the group of most leading languages when it came to cross-platform in 2020. Some of the top firms that adopt Flutter to develop beautiful and unique mobile application include

● Google

● Tencent

● Alibaba

● eBay


● Groupon and more

Key Features of Flutter App Development

Flutter offers a unique and innovative app development process. It is absolutely robust, cost-effective, and highly scalable. Mobile app development can be pretty expensive. Meanwhile, you need to hire dedicated developers to design and develop the app, followed by support and maintenance.

The SDK that comes with Flutter app development offers different ways to reduce costs. Not only does it speed up the development process and reduce the production costs, but it also gives developers the advantage of developing mind-blowing apps, UI, and smooth animation.

Also, here are the top-notch features that make Flutter the most preferred language:

Hot Reload

Flutter comes with Hot Reload. This feature makes it stand out in the crowd. Hot Reload is a unique feature that lets developers experiment, design UI, add notable hallmarks and debug the app in real-time.

Hot reload displays all the changes instantly in the coding. Moreover, you don't need to save to view changes. Besides, it reflects updates in the app's current state and allows developers to continue executing the code to complete the project.


Flutter is a modern open-source language. Regardless of the complexities of an outline, developers can convert the app into a functional solution by leveraging a comprehensive material design choice, including rich motion APIs, natural and smooth scrolling behavior, Cupertino widget, etc. Here developers are free to explore a myriad of design options.

Single Code Base for All OS

Flutter is a prudent choice for mobile app development. The application allows you to create apps for both iOS and Android. Flutter does not depend on JavaScript, and developers can write a single codebase for building a cross-platform app that performs closely like native apps when it comes to features, functionality, and UI/UX.

Flutter Widget

A mobile app's performance is a significant concern for any organization before investing. Moreover, Flutter comes with some great widgets which ensure the native performance of an app. Its broad catalogue includes

● Scrolling

● Icons

● Fonts

● Navigation

● Hassle-free development

Noteworthy Features

● Apart from the points mentioned earlier, Flutter offers a wide range of features, i.e.,

● Advanced APL backend framework that can leverage much quicker, sleeker, and cleaner animations

● Embedding Flutter into an existing app is more straightforward as you can integrate a new UI into an old app

● Flutter enables developers to relish the firebase support of Google as the backend. Apps become more scalable and server-less

Future Looks Bright

One of the hottest subjects trending in the tech market is whether Google is working on its new platform named Fuchsia. The excellent news is that the platform is based upon Flutter. However, it is yet to be released but will be purely relying on Flutter for its designs and basic developmental coding.

Also, the platform is expected to be the centre for the major of "Internet of Things," which will become one of the essential aspects of the business world in the near future. The impact will have a prominent market effect after its release.

The impact that the release of Fuchsia Will creates will hike Flutter's market presence to a great extent. Moreover, Flutter will be ruling the development of mobile applications in the market.

Primary Consideration When Choosing Flutter

The platform is definitely stuffed with numerous great features and impressive aspects. Here, the aim is to make a great application development process. However, there are a few considerations that one needs to understand before going ahead with the development procedure.

● The application developed on Flutter lacks strength and compatibility

● Sometimes it may not be powerful enough to support complex tech intricacies

● Application may not suffice the experimental demands of the customer

However, Flutter is used by many prestigious platforms; as a result, this has improved the trustworthiness of the platform in the competitive tech world.

Why is Flutter The Best Option For Startup App Development?

If you're still unsure about startup preferring Flutter mobile application development, here are some obvious reasons:

● Startups can relax when it arrives at the budget of mobile application development with Flutter

● Being an open-source technology can be cost-effective

● Flutter takes all the worries of developing a mobile app from the initial to the final stage

● Flutter libraries are of great source as it enables them to surround an app as per the geographical location and adhere to the language, layout, and text

● It is exceptionally fast, robust, and much easier to learn

● Flutter offers a well-organized and portable GPU executing UI that ensures smooth performance access to multiple interfaces

● Apps would take less time to test as it comes with a single codebase for multiple platforms, i.e., iOS and Android, with fear of bugs.


Flutter application will continue to grow in the upcoming business scenario and seal the gaps in the tech world. To most mobile app startups, Flutter is the correct answer. Moreover, it's not backed up with credentials and documents but has robust backing from brands and global leaders. This makes up for most of the tech innovation in the world.

The platform is a cross-platform development type; it has a lot to offer than its native and other counterparts. According to the latest research, Flutter mobile applications make up about 0.21% of the app available with a 0.06% install rate.

However, for new businesses with low budget requirements, looking forward to growing and expanding with the bootstrapped financial model, Flutter is the best option. If used correctly, Flutter offers everything to boost growth even in a highly competitive environment with better widgets, designs, code libraries, and backend support.

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