Custom Browser Extension For Your Business Productivity

Generally, internet browsers only work as a vehicle to view and explore websites. It is a perception that internet browsers do not provide many features to businesses except for their sole purpose.

However, in today's internet world, where the library of apps is expanding as we speak, add-ons and browser extension development for the enterprise have enabled users to get a customized experience. You may discover a browser extension for any imaginable task you want, but that is not the most innovative way to do it.

Here, we will specifically focus on the extensions that may help you in performing a task most efficiently. Therefore, we will be discussing several browser extensions that might help you in increasing your business productivity along with their overall advantages.

Get Motivation With Momentum

Have you ever wished to get a reminder for your every day goals and pending tasks? Well, say no more as momentum is there to do that for you, and it also helps you keep going with its inspirational touch.

When you get this extension, every time you open a new page on Chrome or Safari, a personal dashboard will appear with your to-do list, weather data, and an inspirational quote. This may help you and your team focus on the priority rather than killing time on the internet. When you are constantly reminded of your task, you get inner motivation, and productivity increases itself. This browser extension is available for Safari and Chrome.

Stay Focused; The Name Speaks For Itself

Being carried away while scrolling social media, watching a YouTube video, or simply reading something on the internet is very common, but it kills a lot of time. Here comes Stay Focused, a browser extension that might help you in achieving improved productivity as it restricts the time you spend on non-productive websites.

You can set a personalized limit on distracting websites every day, and as soon as the set time is over, this extension blocks the website. It comes with high reconfigurability that enables you to block specific paths, subdomains, as well as entire sites. You can use this extension only for Chrome.

Restrict The Distractions With Strict Workflow

Have you heard about the Pomodoro technique? It is a custom in which you work for twenty-five minutes and take a five-minute break after that. You have to repeat the same process till you are done for the day, interesting right? This technique quite inspires strict workflow. All you have to do is set a work timer for twenty-five minutes and work with full concentration after that, and you can click on the five-minute break and enjoy the rewarded pause.

However, this extension is not a mere timer, and it is a popular custom chrome extension development that blocks all the interesting websites while you are at work. Hence, you are fully concentrated on work while being far from social media and such stuff.

Another amazing thing about this extension is that you can personalize it by blacklisting and whitelisting the websites according to your preferences. You can use this extension on Chrome. For Safari, you can access self-control, and for firefox, the Leechblock extension works just fine.

Letterbox, An Effective Way to Store Your Ideas

There are times when we get several amazing ideas while working on something completely unrelated to it. Along with that, we also get caught up with a random to-do list for the day after working hours. Usually, people start wondering about it and time flies away while their tasks remain undone.

Here, the letterbox plays a very important role. Instead of breaking the workflow, you can simply type out your idea or any such stuff to the extension. It will not be wrong to say that this extension collects your ideas to revisit after being done for the day. By using this extension, you may get space for your thoughts without compromising the productivity of your tasks. You can find it as an application on android, and it is also available in Chrome.

Focused Work & Better Results With Noisli

There are times when you and your team lose focus due to the unavoidable noise that exists in your surroundings. Noisli could be said as a unique Custom browser extension development for enterprise that helps you in creating a noiseless space in no time.

It is a very efficient extension for writers, office workers, corporate employees, programmers, graphic designers, and anyone who has a problem of losing focus due to background noise. While using Noisli, you can play some background sounds such as fire crackling, rainfall, thunderstorm, or birds chirping.

Doing so may help you in calming down the actual noise and focusing on the work. There is a text editor as well as a built-in timer in this extension to help you concentrate during working hours. You can easily find Noisli in Chrome, the web, and Safari.

Do Never Forget The Pending Work

Initially, Any. Do start as a web app that got popular and became an extension. It has proved to be very effective in increasing the daily input and output of working professionals. This browser extension works more like a personalized to-do list in which you can jot down the meeting agendas, reminders, notes, and tasks even while browsing on the internet. This extension is available for android, iPhone, the web, and Chrome.

Pocket, Deal With FOMO Like a Pro

As discussed earlier, getting distracted by a single notification or pop-up is very common. You tap on a news article and end up reading several others as well. However, if you know that you can read the same article again and the notification will not get lost with others, then it is a win-win situation.

Pocket enables you to save the articles and websites that interest you with a simple click, and you can access them anytime you want. So, say no to distractions and yes to better performance at work. Now you will not be missing out on the new trends and latest news while being fully focused on the work at the same time.

This extension is available on Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Safari, Windows, Chrome, Kindle Fire, and almost on every major platform or device.

Hypertext, Better Performance, Greater Productivity

This browser extension is a program that has empowered more than 100,000 bosses and their employees to show better performance at work. Hypertext combines weekly meetings, engagement measures, and quarterly priorities all at one particular place. By using it, you can create collaborative agendas for the team as well as one-to-one meetings.

This extension also enables you to build cross-functional meetings and access more than hundreds of conversation beginners. This also helps in creating a perfect team, as you can hold your teammates accountable for giving feedback after every meeting. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that this extension helps you in making your people accountable and keeping the important meetings on track. This extension is available for Chrome.

Time Warp, The Constant Reminder About Distractions

Whenever you visit a website that is not related to work, the Time warp will direct you back to the productive website. For instance, you get to create a 'wormhole' every time you visit Facebook, YouTube, or any other distracting website. After doing so, in place of opening up the URL of the concerned site, this extension will redirect you to the pre-selected site. This might help you save time that you generally end up spending on unproductive websites.

Along with that, Time warp also shows you the time spent on several sites and motivational quotes to help you increase overall productivity. This extension is available on Chrome.

Google Keep, Be Well Organized

It is one of the Best Chrome extensions for productivity without any second thought. Google Keep helps you in organizing all your data in a very neat way. Its basic functions include assisting you in creating to-do lists and making notes. Along with that, you also get to save several web pages and images for adding notes.

It also enables you to make notes with the help of voice memos that it transcribes afterwards. Another amazing feature of this extension is that it provides you with the option of setting up reminders based on locations. In order to make your notes neater, you also get to label or color-code them. This way, your notes are well-organized, and it also saves a lot of time. This extension is available on Chrome.

No More Cluttering Of Tabs With One Tab

Unless you have a heavy work machine, opening up a lot of tabs on your browser makes the system run slow, and it also acquires a lot of memory. However, with the help of OneTab, you can simply convert all the open tabs into a list, and when you want to access those tabs, you can restore them altogether or individually as per your choice.

By using this extension, you get to save more than ninety per cent of your system's memory as there are lesser tabs on your browser. This will help you in saving time, and a faster processor obviously maintains the speed of work. You can find this extension on Chrome.

Befriend The Facebook With ToDoBook

Usually, as soon as you open Facebook and start scrolling, there is no coming back until and unless someone reminds you about the pending tasks. However, with the help of ToDoBook, you can turn the enemy of your work into an ally. By using this extension, you are more focused on work as it makes a to-do list out of your own Facebook feed.

Hence, whenever you visit Facebook, you couldn't browse idly through the feed, instead of that you will get a reminder about all the incomplete work you have for the day. Another amazing thing about this extension is that as soon as you are done with the pending task, it makes your Facebook normal again.

You can customize this extension according to your office hours like 9 am to 7 pm. Along with that, you can also define your short breaks according to your convenience. Initially, ToDoBook was designed only for Facebook, but now you can use it on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and several other distracting websites. This extension is available on Chrome and some other popular browser.

Track The Overall Results With Productivity Tracker

Along with these popular extensions, there are also some extensions that might appear to be immensely useful for you as well as your team. Those extensions may include Productivity Tracker. As the name suggests itself, this extension tracks the number of clicks you have made on Chrome. It also demonstrates a graphical representation of this data that can be accessed at any point in time.

This extension appears to be very efficient in saving time from distracting video streaming websites like YouTube or Netflix. Productivity Tracker is also available for Chrome.

How Are These Extensions Overall Beneficial For You?

The major feature of a browser extension is to add up some external features in the overall functionality of a browser like Chrome, Safari, etc. Here are some of the advantages that come along with the custom chrome extension development for enterprise business-

  • Faster access
  • Controls are intuitive
  • Adaptation as well as cross-platform for any other browser
  • Integrating objects that seemed unacceptable becomes possible
  • System and cloud storage could be combined to be a particular workspace

These are some of the features that make these amazing mini-programs more than a smart hack to increase the productivity of a workplace.

With the rising demands of these extensions in the corporate world, establishing a Chrome Extension Development Company has become a great career option. Now when you are completely aware of the utility as well as the availability of browser extensions on different platforms, you might like to access one of these. Test it for yourself, and if you find it efficient enough, provide a similar extension to your team and watch your business grow.

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