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URL Notes (Chrome Extension)

Our latest product, Notes (Chrome Extension), is an innovative platform that allows users to extract information from the web page with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, the notes that you pull lives in the cloud, allowing you to be free of the device.
All the notes appear as a list tucked away in a discrete sidebar. Likewise, when you scale down the browser, the extension gives the sidebar option within a clickable list icon. Along with that comes numerous shortcuts to create and switch between notes.
Meanwhile, you don't have to worry about losing work when the internet goes down. All the notes are backed up to the browser, and you may continue with it via offline mode.

  • Take notes on WebPage
  • View Existing Notes on WebPage
  • Delete & Restore Notes
  • Change Note Status to ToDo, Doing, Done
  • Schedule Notes
  • Search Notes using text, website etc
  • Backup & Restore Notes
  • Download Filtered Notes to Excel
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