How to Create a Successful Dating App With Unique Features From Scratch?

The fact that dating philosophy has changed substantially in the last five years is no longer debatable in today's culture. Love is not just in the air right now, but it's also on everyone's cellphones right now as well. Furthermore, there is no need to be embarrassed about informing your friends that you found your soulmate on Tinder.

A form of an online dating app solution is used by more than 46 percent of Americans in 2019, according to the latest statistics. Even more astounding is that over 20 percent of all partnerships in the United States began via online contact. Statistical trends in other nations tend to be comparable within several years, as well.

Thus, the online dating app industry is still expanding, and there is a steady desire for new and inventive dating applications everywhere, from China to New Zealand, as a consequence. Learn how to start a dating website in 2019 and turn it into a lucrative business in this post.

How to Make a Dating App from Scratch

Almost everyone makes use of dating apps to locate a partner or to meet up with friends. Still, we will seldom come across two applications that are precisely the same.

After a few seconds of consideration, Tinder allows us to determine whether or not we would want to continue the conversation with the individual. Still, OkCupid works with detailed profiles, forcing us to search for a mate who 99.9 percent of the time matches our preferences for months. In contrast to Badoo, which grew from a traditional dating service with a traditional UI and is currently being tested in Columbia, Facebook Dating appears comparable to the original Facebook marketplace.

As a result, it is hard to provide a satisfactory response to the question about the dating app development process without taking into account the specific features that your app should have.

However, in general, the process of developing a dating application is quite similar to the process of creating any other iOS or Android app.

Choosing a Catching Name

Choosing a name for a new dating app company is a major problem. For love affairs, not all current marketing methods are suitable because of Google and social media's policies. Often, the only thing you can say about your product legally is the name of your brand.

In addition, the public's opinion of dating mania is a factor in dating app marketing that may be challenging. No one wants to be found outputting in additional time and effort searching for a romantic relationship. Because of this, the name of your goods should not blare out of the phone's display, "Look!' This individual lacks a significant other."

That's why a dating app's name is so crucial to its marketing strategy.

However, when it comes to app names, what matters most? Here are a few general concepts and guidelines to follow according to a dedicated mobile app developer:

  • Choosing an app's name is as simple as thinking about what the app's primary features are. Both OkCupid and Match place a high value on the applications' capacity to introduce users to potential lifemates. Tinder alludes to a flaming desire theme.
  • Your software must stand out from the competition and have its own domain name. Avoid using well-known terms and expressions. Before deciding on a name, check to see whether it is available.
  • The name of your app should be simple to say and spell so that users can easily remember it. Aim for two-syllable app names with a maximum of 10 symbols since they tend to be the most memorable and brief. Badoo, Bumble, and Pure are a few examples.
  • Don't call an app anything that's too keyword-sounding only to make it searchable. Remember that you may also use the description box to include a number of keywords. But if your product's name contains a searchable term, it will undoubtedly appear high in the search results. Do I date with a dating keyword and Luxy, which stands for luxury dating, as an example? –
  • Change the pronunciation of the name to anything other than "Hey! A dating app is what I'm utilizing.

In addition, you need to consider whether or whether your product name should sound familiar to your target audience and trigger pleasant recollections or if it should sound magnificent and even a little snobbish to you. Find the answers you're looking for and the primary naming vector using the target user description.

Make a fantastic UI/UX dating app design

To be loved by its intended audience, each software needs fantastic UX and UI. At the same time, there are distinct design brackets for dating app development. The following is a shortlist and explanation of the most significant ones when hiring a mobile app development company:

  • It's easy to navigate and use. Think of the old-fashioned dating game. It has to be simple and clear right off the bat. Whether it's a user's profile, partner search, or communication, all of these sections should be explained to them.
  • Describe a key feature in detail. Why do people download a dating app in the first place? They, of course, want to find a companion. Provide them with a simple and quick way to find potential partners. Let the search function be the primary one. Allow users to look for partners without having to go through a lengthy profile editing process.
  • Organize your chat options in advance. It is the second most crucial aspect of a dating app. To meet new people, they utilize these services. Chat allows you to determine whether or not a person is worth meeting and plan the details of the encounter in advance. Find out what your users genuinely want from a conversation before you start building it. Some individuals may use your integrated messenger to just swap phone numbers or Facebook profile links, saving you money on video calls.
  • Empathize with your coworkers. Keep in mind that a person's emotional state is an essential consideration while dating. When speaking with someone they really admire, some people may feel overdressed. They are also rather courageous for texting an unknown individual. What is the best way to create a Tinder-like application? Embrace your inner child and have some fun! Make people forget their doubts and anxieties by creating a pleasant and comfortable design environment. People may prevent violence and catastrophe if they use the proper UI. Utilize large, bold colors and concise language to make buttons and text stand out.
  • Think of a search engine like this. People would love your app if it constantly recommended attractive people to date. However, how can a person do a companion search that is both speedy and precise? UI is the solution. Tinder was able to automate the process via the use of geolocation and the analysis of profiles from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Happn encourages its users to provide as much information as possible about themselves. Other applications are more inventive, like Badoo, which transforms profile editing into a fun game, and Hater, which unites people who have the same dislikes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by most dating applications to constantly improve search functions. Make a decision on what and when you will ask users about themselves to satisfy their expectations for finding a great match.
  • Create your profiles with care. The vast majority of individuals fabricate their online personas. That results in 44 percent of offline dates being a letdown to the user. Hence the inclusion of a live video chat feature in certain apps, such as the one offered by Badoo However, this isn't the only approach to make dating applications more accurate and more enjoyable for its users. If your app is anything like Tinder, it will look up information from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and explore photos. Consider what more your users could need outside the typical profile overview screen. Some people use two tabbed interfaces to switch between their profile and conversation, for example. Dine also came up with a fantastic concept. Yelp is integrated into the dating app, resulting in matches between users who have a love of good food.
  • Safety and control concerns will arise. Nobody likes their personal space invaded by others. That's why checking in using Facebook or Instagram isn't acceptable to everyone. Instead of losing social network connections, it's preferable to increase overall feelings of control and safety. How can you elicit a sense of security? Female matches get texts from their male mates first, and they have 24 hours to react before they lose their advantage. Hinge, a popular dating app, encourages its users to watch videos on their profiles while others may like them. The dating app Zoosk, which touts itself as a tool for those searching for long-term relationships, features a phone and picture verification function.

MVP for a Dating App

Making a dating app: what are the steps involved? The easiest method to test your app concept and avoid spending money on something that won't work is to hire a dating app development company to build an MVP.

Take a look at our complete MVP-building guide for a thorough understanding of the process and to prevent serious mistakes. With Tinder as a case study, we'll go through some of the most critical aspects of designing a dating MVP.

Let's begin by taking a closer look at the Tinder app. In terms of design, it's perhaps the simplest dating app ever made. That's why Tinder hasn't altered much since it was established in 2014, since simplicity is likely to remain Tinder's strength. Tinder's primary characteristics must be taken into account if you want to build similar software. Never fear, we've taken care of everything:

  • Log in. The time-consuming procedure of generating a password and validating an email link for account creation is a thing of the past. Create an easy sign-in function that lets people sign in using their Facebook, Instagram, or other social network profile if you don't want to lose half of your prospective customers!
  • Profile. An editable profile that includes a person's interests, hobbies, employment, and a brief bio should be available to all users. Users should be forced to make educated guesses about how to complete their profile information. Organizing the parts of a user's profile so that other users can easily access the information and make informed judgments is also critical.
  • Geolocation. The majority of dating apps, including Tinder, employ smartphone geolocation monitoring to provide users with compatible soulmates who are nearby. Create an integration for this feature to attract individuals in the same geographical region.
  • Matches. Most matching algorithms these days are based on artificial intelligence (AI). Think about it! To build AI, you may need to spend more money and work with highly-skilled colleagues.
  • Chats. Users must be able to communicate with one another. Chats may be able to satisfy their want to learn more about their potential mates and determine whether or not they match their expectations. If you want to keep your users engaged with your dating app, you need to include video chatting, voice clips, GIFs, and stickers. If this were not the case, they would quickly switch to another messenger with better functionality after matching.
  • Notifications. If you provide your users with additional reasons to stay in your app, they'll spend more time there. It is a good idea to utilize notifications to encourage the user to check the app regularly and keep in touch with prospective soul mates.
  • App options. The default program settings are acceptable for the majority of users, but they aren't for everyone. Notification muting, filter customization, and visible modes are included in the app setting dashboard integration.
  • Control panel for the server administrator. You and your support staff will be able to access the admin panel using the app's desktop version. Administrators should have the option of blocking users, resolving issues with them, and tracking user experience.


Love isn't easy to find. We're getting closer and closer to a future when finding a date isn't that tough, thanks to dating apps. For those who want to design a dating app but aren't sure what kind of dating app they wish to construct, you can hire a dedicated developer to provide you with a free quotation.

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