Benefits of Top 3 Frameworks of PHP

This blog is all about in detail discussion on various frameworks of PHP which are used widely in different applications. The frameworks have unique features which have increased the popularity and usability  of PHP .

Purpose of Frameworks:

In the complex procedure of making applications ,frameworks are used to make the task more accurate and easier for a developer. Frameworks used to enhance best programming practices. Redundancy of coding parts is reduced by using frameworks and makes the code more secure.

PHP Frameworks :

As discussed earlier PHP has many frameworks , out of these Laravel, Codeigniter and Symfony are the most popular ones.

Features of LARAVEL :

Laravel is one of the most popular open source framework of PHP. Laravel has extensive features and also has some amazing built in functions. Most web developers prefer working by using Laravel . Laravel can handle complex business logic and also maintains the authentication . It is very easy to implement also. The modern  versions of the Laravel framework have pre-modified built-in support for multiple file management. You can opt for the cloud-based synchronized support or local storage.

Applications of LARAVEL:

  • Audio streaming platform Koel was implemented by Laravel. VueJS was used in client side while LARAVEL was used in server side.
  • A CMS based platform October was based on Laravel Framework.
  • Laravel is used to create various invoices, ticket booking websites, forums, and various payment related apps.  

Codeigniter and its Features :

  • Codeigniter is a modern view control based system .
  • It is extremely light in features.
  • It supports query builder database and also provides security and XSS filtering.
  • It has support for hook and class extensions .
  • Data encryption feature is also present here.
  • It has  image manipulation library also.

Applications of Codeigniter :

CodeIgniter has a ton of built in functionality for use in your application. CodeIgniter imposes a structure on development . For a beginner coder in PHP CodeIgniter gives you an additional benefit by  imposing a structure and giving you tons of prewritten functionalities.

CodeIgniter works on the MVC model. MVC stands for Model View Controller. Models are classes that have data-handling code for your application, views generate the HTML/Javascript, etc. which make up the visual portion of your application, and controllers are the traffic cops that put it all together.Beyond models, views, and controllers, CodeIgniter also recognizes a few other types of files: helpers and libraries. Helpers are function libraries. They can be application-specific or generic, which you can reuse from application to application. Libraries are classes that you use to enhance the application.

Features of Symphony :

Symfony is an open source MVC framework for the rapid development of modern web applications. Symfony is a web framework full of stack. Contains a set of reusable PHP components. You can use any of Symfony components in applications, without framework.

Symfony has a great value for working with an active community. It has flexible configuration using YAML, XML, or annotations. Symfony includes an independent library and a PHP unit. Symfony is heavily promoted by Ruby on Rails, Django, and the frameworks of the Spring web application. Symfony components are used in many open source projects including Composer, Drupal, and phpBB.

The Symfony framework contains a number of components, such as the HttpFoundation component that understands HTTP and provides a good application and response tool used by other components. Some are auxiliary components, such as Validator, which help to validate data. The Kernel component is the heart of the system. Kernel is basically a 'key component' that manages the environment and is responsible for handling the http request.

Applications of Symphony

Symfony components can be used as part of other applications such as Drupal, Laravel, phpBB, Behat, Doctrine, and Joomla.

  • Drupal 8 - Drupal is a PHP framework for managing open source content. Drupal 8 uses Symfony's main layers and expands them to provide support for Drupal modules.
  • Thelia - Thelia is a Symfony-based e-commerce solution. Initially, Thelia was written with PHP and MySQL code, however, it was delayed in producing fast applications. To overcome this problem, Thelia has teamed up with Symfony to improve applications in a customizable way.
  • Dailymotion - Dailymotion is one of the world's largest video entertainment websites based in France. Once they have decided to relocate the open  source framework with the larger community, the developers of Dailypty have decided to use Symfony features for flexibility.

Conclusion :

As the integration of web development increases the usage of frameworks are also increasing . The integrations and modifications are constantly happening. So more new applications will be created using these frameworks .

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