All You Need to Know About Flask

Python is now quite a well known language for its high efficiency in web development and high performance analytical solutions . Python is used as a programming language in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning . Python has an extensive collection of libraries and frameworks. Each library is used in different tasks. Flask is one of the most popular frameworks in Python . It is a micro framework and it has no abstraction layer.

Invention of Flask :

Armin Ronacher developed Flask, who leads an international group of Python enthusiasts.

Basic Introduction about Flask :

Being a micro framework Flask supports the functionalities of an application through various extensions. These extensions are required for form validation , database integration and various open authentications.

The latest version of Python used in Flask is Python 3.6 or greater version.

Core Dependencies of Flask :

The Flask framework is based on some Python libraries. Here are some popular Python libraries given below :

Werkzeug is a full scaled Web Server Gateway Interface(WSGI) web application library. It is a simple collection of various utilities for WSGI applications.

Jinja template engine which has full unicode support and an optional integrated sandboxed execution environment extensively used and it is BSD licensed. Click framework is also used for writing code which are required for line applications.

A library named Its Dangerous is specially used to maintain Data security. Using this framework ensures that data is cryptographically signed.

Benefits of Flask :

It is very flexible, especially in the huge amount of work. It has integrated support for testing, Restful request dispatching and also has google app engine compatibility. Overall it is easy to develop and maintain.

Top Applications using Python Flask:

Flask is clearly a widely used framework for web applications. A form creation and validation of a form, a blog app formation and it is also used to deploy Machine Learning models. Flask framework can also be used by absolute beginners, there are many projects for new coding enthusiasts like Full Stack Social Networking app, weather prediction app.

Comparison of Flask with other popular Frameworks:

Django is another well known framework of Python. Django gained its own popularity for its interesting features , out of Flask and Django which one is  better and mostly used in this blog it is also needed  to discuss. Django is mostly used to build websites which consist of complex databases. Out of Flask and Django depend on the goal that project developers use these frameworks. Flask easily provides support for API which Django does not provide. Flask does not support Dynamic HTML, whereas Django supports Dynamic HTML. Django is more preferable for the projects which are simple and need to end in a short span of time. Flask enhances the rapid development of a website. Django works in a monotonous manner where Flask offers a diversified way of working.

Popular work collaboration between other apps and Python Flask :

Netflix , Airbnb ,Uber, these popular apps have used Python Flask to bring different facilities .Uber used Flask to control optimization and balance the dynamic pricing. Netflix used it to maintain traffic distribution.

Areas of Improvement of Flask:

Using flask tasks requires more time for completion , the implementation of Flask is cost effective and the maintenance of supports of flask are expensive for the long run. It could be faster and more secure and also affordable and easily  accessible.

Conclusion :
As time goes on the Flask will gain more popularity in upcoming days. It will be used in a larger volume of works , whatever disadvantages it has that it slowly improves . More secure applications will be built based on this.

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